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A Heartline from Animal-people: The Happy Time of Practicing in the No-Kill Adoption Shelter

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Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, We are a group of much-blessed animal-people, and we would like to share some stories with You to express our highest gratitude and respect to You.

Thanks to Your teachings, one of Your disciples, our current human mother, who couldn’t bear to see the pitiful animal-people being slaughtered, sold her business in the city seven years ago and established this “Lotus Pond Vegan Animal-People Home.” She then began to rescue stray cat- and dog-people. Later, many other animal-people who were rescued from the knife also came here. Currently, there are over 150 dog-people, more than 200 goose-, duck-, cat-, rabbit-, and goat-people, and countless aquatic animal-people living here.

Mom feeds us vegan food and plays Your Buddha Chanting, lectures, and Supreme Master TV 24 hours every day. She also teaches us: “We have a common Master. We must practice well, go back to Heaven and not reincarnate anymore.” We don’t make noise or fight and get along very harmoniously with each other. The environment here is so peaceful and comfortable. We live in love every day. We’re very satisfied and grateful.

Thanks to God’s Grace and Buddha’s Blessings, in the past few years, many kind humans from all walks of life have been helping our human mother, such as donating vegan dog-people food. Our mom also grows a lot of sweet potatoes and winter melons by herself. The fresh organic sweet potato leaves are our favorite. We can consume 45 kilograms a day.

Princess Yao-Yao is a pure white dog-person. She really likes the new name our mom gave her. She often laughs happily. One rooster bodhisattva has a unique personality and is very spiritual. When mom kindly asks him to sing, he accommodates nicely. But if he doesn’t get enough applause, he playfully refuses to perform. There is also a dog bodhisattva named Gun-Gun, who is number one in tolerance. No matter how others challenge him, he won’t react. He never fights for food.

The animal-people here are all vegan. They are always very peaceful when they die. En-Guang was a lovely dog-person. After he passed away, he was still grinning. One can imagine what happy Heaven he had reached at the moment of his departure. Some of the animal companions emitted beautiful Lights when passing away, just like the Light of a good spiritual human practitioner, which proves that the fairy tales of animal-people practicing spiritually are true.

Master often says that animal-people help and bless humans. This is very true. We sincerely pray that our human friends will wake up quickly, be kind to each other, and stop killing us and eating our flesh, so that when leaving this world, their souls can avoid unimaginable suffering in hell. Guan-Yu from China

Endearing Guan-Yu, It is so nice to hear directly from our furry friends! We thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences and pray that you always feel safe and loved.

Enjoy Master’s words: “Adorable Guan-Yu, My love and blessings to you and all the gentle animal-people of the ‘Lotus Pond Vegan Animal-People Home.’ If your ma lets us know where, a small check of US$10,000 will be on its way, for some extra needs to help in taking care of your comfort, with all my love from the Grace of God. I know that you are all trying so hard to set a good example by being sweet and caring, respecting life and being vegan, and blessing your human friends as much as possible. Please continue your noble work, as well as listen to my Buddha chanting, my lectures, and Supreme Master TV. I will be there with you at the time of your passing. May your human mother and all her charitable Chinese co-citizens continue to share more and more of their love with all living beings, in Buddha’s gracious Light.” 

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