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Interaction with the Astral Body of the Fish-people: Being Vegan Helps Animal Friends Having Souls Like Us

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Dear Supreme Master TV team, I’d like to share a story about our fish friends. I work in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and live in an apartment which I share with a Chinese colleague and his family. The whole family is Catholic. They all believe in Jesus and Holy Mother Mary, but they are not vegetarians. I’ve often told them that it’s best to take a vegan diet during the pandemic. However, they didn’t quite agree with it, thinking that it’s only a Buddhist belief, and still frequently bought the meat of fish-people to cook at home.

Last weekend, my colleague brought home a fish-person that was still alive. Since they still had a lot of other food, they kept him alive in a bucket and planned to eat him in a few days. That night after meditation, when going to bed and entering a dreamy state, suddenly I saw the astral body of this fish-person come to my bedside, begging me to save his life. The astral body of the fish-person looked just like a young man in a white robe, beseeching me piteously.

The following day, I told the wife of my colleague that the fish-person had come to beg me to save his life, so I’d like to pay for his life and take him to the river to set him free. My colleague’s wife was very sensible. She could understand the ahimsa in Buddhism and told me to release the fish-person without having to pay her anything. Not far from where we live is the Rhine River, so I carried the bucket with the fish-person and released him into the river.

Before swimming away, his astral body appeared again to thank me with one hand holding the other fist before his chest. I felt very, very happy. Doing good deeds does make one feel happy. I hope that Master will bring the souls of the fish-people back to Heaven.

All our animal friends have souls just like us humans, only their physical forms are different from ours. I hope that all humans will become vegans and thus surmount this critical time as early as possible. Elias from Dusseldorf, Germany

Compassionate Elias, Thanks for sharing this amazing story. It is so sad that most humans are not aware that all animal-people have souls just like us and that their lives have a purpose in God’s plan. They unknowingly create terrible karma for themselves by killing and eating animal-people, which will lead them to hell and cause them to waste the rare chance of being born as a human being. If they knew how precious the opportunity of human birth is and how terrible the consequences are of killing sentient beings, everyone would surely be vegan. Please continue to educate others and share this beautiful story, so they understand why they need to become vegan to save animal-persons. May God’s Light forever illuminate you and the noble German people, Supreme Master TV team 
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