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Last Call to Turn Vegan and Repent Sincerely, Part 2 of 6, July 29, 2022

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I told you. I told people, “Please be careful now. You have to turn vegan now to protect yourself.” And I want to say to everybody, this is my last offer, last call. If you turn vegan and repent sincerely, I will really take you to Heaven. Guaranteed. Within six months from today. (Oh.) It’s the last call. (Wow.) I won’t be allowed to do much more than that. After this last call, without initiation it will not be guaranteed for just anyone. You will have to try harder, fending for yourself.

Tell me. Anything else? (Master, on July 28th, the President of Lithuania, Gitanas Nausėda, visited Kyiv and presented President Zelenskyy with Lithuania’s highest state award “for his merits in defending freedom and democratic values in Europe together with the Ukrainian people.” President Nausėda also stated, Lithuania will continue to help Ukraine with military, financial and humanitarian assistance.) Very good. Very good. That’s the way. Also, Boris Johnson presented President Zelenskyy with the Churchill Award. (Oh. Yes, Master.) That’s a very high honor. Because Churchill was very revered and respected all over the world, not just in England. Churchill. The Prime Minister of England, a long time ago. (Yes, Master.)

Alright. What else? (Three residents of Woodbridge, in eastern England, UK are offering free weekly English classes to Ukrainian refugees in the area. There are currently 13 students. One of the participants said of the class, “It gives hope, faith and confidence that we will be able to work, study and live [in England].”)

Yeah, sure. Sure they will. It’s better than English people learning Ukrainian. I saw the Ukrainian subtitles on our TV and I thought, how can I learn that? I wanted to, but I don’t know how. It must be difficult, right? (Yes, Master.) It looks a little bit difficult. Like, Russian and Greek. These are very difficult for me. It looks difficult but maybe not. If you stay there for a while, you get used to it. Then you learn quicker when you’re in the country. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else? Any bad news? A lot, huh? (Yes, Master.) There are a lot of monkeypox cases now in New York alone, not to talk about anywhere else. (Oh.) And many other kinds of strange diseases came up. Even killing children. Terrible.

And even BA.5, is spiking everywhere. (Yes.) I mean, going upward. Hong Kong, they thought they were going to relax, but now it’s the same. Because every day the count of infected patients is increasing. And now, Wuhan is locked down again. (Oh, my goodness.) The one where COVID-19 was first supposed to have started. Now it’s locked down again.

“Media Report from WION July 28, 2022 Palki (f): China is unable to shake off the latest wave of Wuhan virus cases. In fact, the Wuhan virus is now back in Wuhan, the original epicenter of the pandemic. It’s reporting a fresh outbreak. How many cases? Just four so far. And all the patients are asymptomatic. The outbreak is limited to just one district. That is what China claims. But in typical fashion, China has ordered everyone to stay at home. We are talking about one million citizens under lockdown in Wuhan. One million. They’re not allowed to move around anymore. Large group events have been banned. Dining at restaurants, also banned. Entertainment venues and markets, closed. Bus and subway services, suspended. China’s zero-COVID protocol is kicking in in Wuhan. The people are afraid of what could follow.”

And some other areas in China are also locked down again. In Shanghai, you know already, right? They just opened, they celebrated, and then now locked down again, or tested very severely again. (Yes, Master.)

It’s terrible everywhere. I told you. I told people, “Please be careful now. You have to turn vegan now to protect yourself.” And I want to say to everybody, this is my last offer, last call. If you turn vegan and repent sincerely, I will really take you to Heaven. Guaranteed. Within six months from today. (Oh.) It’s the last call. (Wow.) I won’t be allowed to do much more than that. After this last call, without initiation it will not be guaranteed for just anyone. You will have to try harder, fending for yourself. (Yes, Master.)

Any other bad news, good news? (I think that’s it, Master.) That’s it, huh? I have some good news for you. (Oh. Yay!)

One, which I think is good news, is Boris Johnson, he still continues to stay resigned, he doesn’t change his mind, but some days ago there was a petition in Ukraine. They want him to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine. (Oh!) A lot of signatures already. (Wow.) But they also said that it’s not in line with the constitution. But I think the constitution of any country is made by the people. (That’s true, Master. Right.) So, if people want it differently, then they could change. (Yes, right, Master.) Just make a simple vote. How many percent, then he can be prime minister.

It will be good for Ukraine, if England doesn’t want him. (Yes, Master.) No matter what, it’s an honor that some foreigners who don’t know much about you, trust you so much that they want you to be even one of the heads of their country. I mean after the president, of course. (Yes, Master.) That would be good. Then he would be putting all his heart, his mind, his soul in there to help that country. And he’s an influential leader. And he’s a good one. (Oh, yes, very much so. Yes. He’s very good.)

“Media Report from The Sun July 28, 2022 Piers (m): His last words to the British parliament as prime minister.

Zelenskyy (m): ‘Hasta la vista,’ I heard about it.

Piers (m): ‘Hasta la vista, baby.’ Which, of course, comes from Terminator. And the next line is, ‘I’ll be back.’ There’s already a campaign to have Boris Johnson back as prime minister. Would you support that?

Zelenskyy (m): I have no right to play in politics inside the UK. What I can say is he is a big friend of Ukraine. I want him to be somewhere in politics, in a position to be someone. I don’t want him to disappear. But the decision is in the hands of the British people. But I am sure that whatever position he is going to take, he’s always going to be with Ukraine. This is from the heart.”

People like him everywhere. (Yes, Master.)

Concerning Boris Johnson, he is from the positive power. (Yes, Master.) He’s one of the Heavenly beings that came to this world to help the planet. Of course, nobody can see that – not even himself. (Yes, Master.) But if Ukraine accepts him, that will be a very big blessing for the country. (Oh, yes.) He will bless the country and Heaven will bless that country as well. (Hopefully they will do that.)

Any person who came from Heaven, whether or not they’re aware of their power, they do have some power. (Yes, Master.) And that blessing power is hard to find. If Ukraine accepts him as a prime minister, that would be very, very good for their country. (Oh, yes.) But people don’t listen and don’t see. They only see outside, that’s the problem. (Yes, Master.)

Anyone who treats a Heavenly being well will be blessed anyway. That is normal. That’s automatic. (Yes, Master.) It’s just that people in this world are mostly blind, deaf, and dumb. They don’t see things, apart from their car, their house, their table. They don’t see other things about other Heavenly beings. (Yes, Master.) So, they don’t treat them nicely.

Even the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, for example, and Guru Nanak even or Lord Mahavira. (Yes, Master.) Only some know that afterwards. And even then, they still scheme to harm Them. (Yes. Understand.) Many know, but some don’t know. It takes just a few people who don’t know who can harm those Heavenly beings or Buddhas or Saints and Sages. (Yes, Master.) But anyone who treats them well, oh, they never know – they will go straight to Heaven with Them afterwards, no matter what they have done. (Ah!) It’s like that. Due to their ignorance or their karma or maya’s influence, no matter what, they will go straight to Heaven, to where these Heavenly beings belong; or higher still. It depends. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

Anyway, the constitution can always change. (I hope that the UK doesn’t lose too much merit from forcing him out.) Oh, they might. You never know. I don’t want to say anything like that, because they will think I’m threatening them and want Johnson to be there. I don’t even know Johnson. I never met him. Just, I have to say what I see. I have to say what I want to say. And I say the truth only, that’s all. (Yes, Master.) But how many people listen anyway? Whatever truth you tell, most people don’t listen. (Yes, Master. It’s hard to understand why they don’t.)

Yeah. He didn’t do anything wrong at all. He was just surprised by a party. (Yes.) And even if he did have a party, they were people who were working together with him. He has to also… he has to also keep this kind of colleague atmosphere to work together, like a more approachable person. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, just aloof. And he didn’t need that party. Do you think he needed it? (No, no, of course not.) No! He has a wife and kid at home. And he could also quietly invite a couple of family members, whoever is allowed. And then to have a party in the workplace is not all that cozy anyway. (Yes. He was only there for 10 minutes.) Less than 10 minutes. (Yes.) And then he just had to. They kind of surprised him. That’s unfair. Unfair. He did absolutely nothing wrong. (That’s right, Master.)

If I was the prime minister, I guess I would do the same. How can I say no to them? They were already there, and I just walked through and everybody was there already. What would I say? Would I turn my back and run back to my office? (No, you can’t. You have to be part of the group with them.) That’s right. You’ve got to be like a team person. It’s difficult to run the country without a team. (Yes, Master.) And at that time, if people surprised you, or already prepared like that, I don’t think you can even stop and think anymore. (Yes, Master.) You just blend in and go in naturally. They are only humans, man. They are only humans anyway. It’s not much of a big deal.

They should look into all the things he’s done nationally and internationally for England. (Yes, Master.) Nobody listens to me. I just tell you guys for fun. (We listen to You. Master.) I know, I know. And that’s also good for me. That’s why I tell you what’s good, as a reward. (Thank You, Master.)

His Excellency Boris Johnson’s Domestic Achievements

+ National Health Service England’s workforce has added 25,000 nurses since 2019

+ Over 13,500 police officers have been hired in England and Wales as of March 2022

+ The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022, among other measures, ends the automatic early release of offenders deemed to be a danger to the public

+ In 2022, the government instituted the largest single personal tax reduction in a decade, a tax cut worth £6 billion for 30 million workers across the country, with 2.2 million citizens lifted out of paying personal tax altogether

+ As part of a £37 billion government package, over 8 million low-income households will receive at least £1,200 in 2022 to ease cost-of-living issues

+ The prime minister launched a new mortgage program to aid first-time home buyers that vastly reduces the needed deposit and could create 2 million new homeowners

+ Various animal-people protection laws have been implemented, including the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act 2022

+ His national food strategy will require schools, prisons and hospitals to offer a vegan meal option

+ Mr. Johnson introduced plans to end the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles and add four-times current offshore wind power capacity by 2030 and committed to lessen the UK’s carbon emissions by 78% by 2035


His Excellency Boris Johnson’s International Achievements

+ The prime minister secured a Brexit agreement with the European Union

+ Mr. Johnson signed trade deals with Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey

+ He has vocally supported Ukraine and championed President Zelenskyy on the world stage after Russia’s invasion

+ His government is providing military, humanitarian and economic support of £3.8 billion to Ukraine in 2022

+ The UK’s military aid to Ukraine will purchase, among other things, sophisticated air defense systems, uncrewed aerial vehicles, innovative new electronic warfare equipment and vital items needed by Ukrainian soldiers

+ The UK is offering a comprehensive new training program to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

+ Approximately 3,000 British soldiers have been sent to Estonia to defend the nation from a possible Russian attack

+ Mr. Johnson introduced plans to end the UK’s import of Russian oil and coal by the end of 2022 and his government is banning the export of certain goods to, and new investments in Russia

+ He has offered up to 3 million Hong Kong residents the chance to settle in the UK and ultimately apply for citizenship


And the English people also like him. I don’t know why they don’t say anything. They should just make a petition to say, “Oh, Johnson, stay. We forgive you.” (Yes, Master.)

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