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Words of Wisdom / Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Always Reflect on the Name of God, Part 6 of 6, January 31, 1993

Language:Taiwanese Hokkien(台灣話)
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I made time to pass by your place to take a look at you. You always crowd up around me. I have no choice. It’s strange! You’ve seen me just now, haven’t you? Have you got the (vegan) candies? Yes? Good. Go to your place to take your meal. I’ll go outside so you can see me better. If you always crowd up around me, then it’s over, yes? Why? What’s the big deal? (Hallo, Master.) What’s the matter that you keep crowding to look at me. It hurts. Children’s skin is very tender. You also need to apply lotion to nourish your hands. Need to put on lotion in winter.

Does everyone have enough food? (Yes.) I’ve already passed by here. Have you got the (vegan) candies? (Wearing this kind of apron.) Is this apron OK? (Yes.) Then just have someone wear this apron and go around to let people know. If the food is not enough, let them know. Otherwise, while you’re cooking here, you have no idea whether it’s enough or not. (I have sent a food server to check around.) Who is the food server? (A brother.) But is he wearing… the same as what you’re wearing? (He is wearing a kitchen hat.) Ah! That’s right. Then people will recognize him. OK. Then it’s OK. OK. Quite beautiful. Walking around like that. Check whether they have enough food or not. If not, they can let you know, and then you’ll know.

When I see you eat, it makes my mouth water. I’ll eat after you. Usually, you eat first, then I eat later. It’s more convenient this way. (Hallo, Master.) Their cooking is quite good. They are the best cooks in the country, specialized in reciting the Five Holy Names and asking the inner Master to help them cook.

You can pet him gently. It’s very comfortable, very soft. Come pet him. It’s very soft. His skin is very beautiful. His fur is very beautiful. Did you touch it? Do you like him? Take him to have a rest. He’d enjoy your love for him, yes. Very comfortable. OK, he’s asleep. (He’s very playful.) (His ears are drooping, very comfortable.) Comfortable, it’s because he likes him. Because he is relaxed. He is sleeping in total relaxation.
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