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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / The Songs, Compositions and Poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai

The Songs, Compositions and Poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 6 of a Multi-part Series

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Time, accompanied by morning sunlight and evening rain, still innocently and quietly flows, but human emotions at times fluctuate between sadness and happiness, like clouds in the boundless sky. Feelings are varied like musical tunes, resonating myriads of melodies. It’s only a glimpse of imperceptible impression but inherent within is eternal beauty. “High above, a floating sky I feel sadness but don’t know why… Scarlet leaves cascading silently by the slender gate Pristine mist descends from the loving source. A rose blossom’s delicate essence Lingering still a young maiden’s fragrance. The wind has crossed the river, it seems By the deserted reed-grown shore, an empty ferry! Silken threads suspended in the air All dissolved with a slight step or movement. Tranquil evening, bemused twilight Faint melancholy in my heart, for no reason or rhyme.”

In step with the gentle glide of time, Earth and Heaven are changing hues, leaving the human spirit immersed in a space of ubiquitous autumn. When Lady Autumn leisurely reigns, autumn’s soft scent and immense sound tenderly guide people to the realm of paradise. “For autumn, I’ve been longing When one’s dress is imbued in cerulean blue Butterflies mirthfully hover above myriad flowers By the lovely roses. For autumn, I’ve been longing Tenderly guiding humankind to paradise And birds’ wings are reluctant to fly Autumn has enchanted you. For autumn, we’ve been longing That dress is the color that we’ve long cherished The blue dress is a color in dreams But the dreamed one never comes.”

There is a source of true peace and happiness that once we discover it, all our worldly possessions suddenly lose their luster. We will find our love and joy expanding and wish to share them with all. “Friendly doors open wide Come and share the peace and love you will find inside. Share the joy Let the sun comfort you You might never want to leave when it’s time to go Share the joy Mountains rise, mountains fall You have nothing more to prove, you have climbed them all Now you're here. All the lovely songs you will hear, these we all hold dear At the same time All the grandest things we possess, these we value less So many small things can bring happiness Love is in all things.”
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