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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms

The Songs, Compositions and Poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 4 of a Multi-part Series

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We have never been strangers; all of us are truly brothers and sisters. Let us quickly awaken to return to our celestial Home and reunite with our Benevolent Father. “It is not so, my love, we are not strangers It is not so, my love, our affection was once tender Fading beyond purple clouds, traces of birds in flight. The holy spirit’s still alive with sacred light It is not so, my love, we are not of the Earthly race It is not so, my love, we are from a magnificent palace Time and again, lost in this labyrinth Immersed in vicissitudes, and Heaven so distant! Search for it, my love, in the elusive resonance Listen, my love, to the deepest dimension Envision, my love, the path of perfect emptiness In the original Self, you’ll be resplendent with God’s grace. Shall we return to our ancient home in paradise? Shall we go, guided by the wondrous light? To our august abode abounding with melodies divine Welcoming us back to the noble celestial throne. The day when angels chorus in exalted harmony The day when the cosmos rejoices Is the day we’re welcomed home to our noble celestial throne!”

Love is the magic that revives the spring of the soul. Love is the sweet nectar that enthralls a heart steeped in the blessings of the world. “In your silent manner I found myself In your quiet style is reborn my peace Many dark nights, soft and tranquil Your voice tender calms my madness! O lover of grand amour! From reincarnation and a thousand promises! Do you still remember Our love lives before?... There were boring love affairs, weary adventures While I was hurriedly sailing to true happiness So many times in the chaotic world I was lost and perplexed But gone now are the stormy days Your love like spring water cools my burning heart! It's over, the long voyage Here I've arrived to stay”

“It’s called ‘The Rainfall.’ I love rain. So whenever it rains, remember me. The rain is like blessings from Heaven. The rain is like the connection, the message, from Heaven to Earth. It comforts my soul.” “Together We have listened to the rainfall Together We have watched the rainbow Remember Those times together Wherever you go Remember me when the rain falls You know how lonely I must be The rainfall wakes the memory of my far away Country From the Earth We have waited for the rainfall From this place We have waited for the rainfall Bring the news From our far away World Bring the news From our far away World Remember Those times together….”
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