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Life on Earth: From “I Have Come to Take You Home” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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The Future Is in Our Hands “Everyone worries about the end of the world. Actually, some people predict it and make many people worry. But even if the world came to an end, the enlightened people would never feel bothered, because they know what this world is, and that it will go one day. But the life eternal always goes on, and nothing can affect it.”

“In this age of many troubles and disasters we also have great hope, because God has ordained many Saints to come into our world, and their messages are almost identical. They say that we should seek the Kingdom of God first and then everything else will fall into place.”

“Even though we are enlightened, we cannot change the world. We can only reason and bring people into changing themselves. Therefore, we have to begin with ourselves. We cannot sit and wait for miracles. No one can change the world, not even thousands of Buddhas or millions of Jesuses. They would have done it if They could. Miracles do not happen in this way, where karma is concerned. We have to clean ourselves. We have to bathe ourselves. The best doctor can only give us medicine, but cannot take it for us.”

“We can save our world. We should rebuild our way of life, live a moral life, be a vegan, cultivate ourselves mentally and physically, and there will be immediate results. Our world will be changed at once! Therefore, I hope the people of the world will wake up quickly.

I wish you would spread the message to everyone, telling them to save this Earth together. Otherwise, what should we do? Heaven only accommodates the virtuous people. If the Earth doesn’t exist anymore, where will all the not-so-good people go?”

“God truly only gives comfort. If at this moment Hes gives us some sorrow, it is to remind us of the ephemeral nature of this world, and to remind us that we have to get back into the safety of the fortress, of the Kingdom of God. Anytime we forget God again, Hes will remind us. Hes will remind us in a gentle way first, and then if we do not listen to this gentle advice, Hes may push a little harder until Hes pushes very hard. So, if you are now not pushed so hard by God, please don’t wait until Hes pushes hard, and if Hes has already pushed you hard, please come back quickly to the Kingdom of God and enjoy all the comforts Hes offers inside.”
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