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In today’s news, Korea provides education funding for Palestinian refugee youth in Jordan, glaciers melting in Switzerland endanger European water supplies, Colombia and Venezuela reinstate diplomatic relations, Asian Development Bank provides loan to aid Mongolia, two teenage lifeguards save pilot’s life after crash into ocean in California, USA, UK chef creates vegan treats for dog-people and humans, and Labrador K-9 officer helps find missing boy in United States.

Korea funds job skills training for Palestinian youth in Jordan.

The Korean government has donated US$1 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) to help young displaced Palestinians in Jordan to prepare for careers and develop job skills. The funds will be used to strengthen vocational and technical education and training for Palestinian students at UNRWA’s two centers in Jordan. The sites offer courses that can help ready them for professional job opportunities in local and regional labor markets. Korea is a laureate of three Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection and Peace. Thank you, Korean government and UNRWA, for this important endeavor to support displaced Palestinian youth. May these young people unlock their boundless potential and live fulfilled lives, in Allah’s eternal Care.

Europe’s water supply at risk due to Swiss glaciers melting.

Glaciers in Switzerland have been receding at an ever-faster rate and have lost over half their volume in under a century, which jeopardizes a major source of European fresh water. The area above the village of Les Diablerets, at around 3,000 meters above sea level, used to host extensive glaciers, but now large areas of bare rock are visible. The Tsanfleuron and Scex Rouge glaciers have also split apart and exposed ground that has not been seen for thousands of years. The glacial masses of Switzerland and the Alps region provide a steady supply of fresh water in the summer to the major European rivers Danube, Rhine, Po, and Rhone. Such alarming news, Switzerland, on the shrinking of your precious glaciers. In the love of Heaven, may humanity quickly act to reverse climate change by adopting a vegan way of life. “If u think climate change makes so many terrible heat waves, u should multiply it 10 million times 4 the hellfire. B vegan now 2 avoid it.”

Up next, Colombia and Venezuela reinstate diplomatic relations. We’re going to pause to thank the hotel housekeepers who ensure the guest and public rooms of the facility are neat and tidy, thus helping make us feel comfortable away from home. We’ll be right back, with more auspicious news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, beautiful friends! I’m Yuna, a vegan lady from the Emperor Tamarin kingdom. When eco-respecting visitors come to the Amazon rainforest to see my vegan family and me in the trees, they all think we look so serious that we don’t like to play! But we love to play, and so do your animal companions. So today, I’d like to offer a tip on how to make a do-it-yourself cat-person plaything using just a toilet paper roll and some glue. Cut three to four sections off the end of a toilet paper roll based on the thickness you desire. Arrange the loops so they form a sphere, and secure them together using glue. Slip a bell inside the toy to make it more entertaining! Your feline friend will enjoy playing with this easy-to-make toy! Thank you for tuning in. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

Colombia and Venezuela restore full diplomatic relations.

The Presidents of Colombia and Venezuela, Their Excellencies Gustavo Petro and Nicolas Maduro, respectively, have announced their commitment to mend their countries’ diplomatic relationship by reopening their over 2,000-kilometer-long border after a three-year closure. Additionally, the embassies and consulates of both nations were closed and flights between them were stopped. Since the announcement, both countries have appointed foreign ambassadors, flights have resumed and plans to restore friendly military relations have been made. Colombia is a Shining World Leadership Award for Protection recipient, and a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance, and a Shining World Leadership Award for Protection. Venezuela is a Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance laureate. Congratulations, Colombia and Venezuela, for restoring goodwill and friendship between both nations. May all global leaders look to you as role models as we work towards a peaceful world, in God’s precious Guidance.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) approves loan to assist Mongolia.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and COVID-19 have decimated Mongolia’s economy, the ADB recently granted US$100 million to aid Mongolian citizens. The country has been experiencing increased food and fuel prices along with rising inflation, which greatly affect those in poverty. Women, who make up a large portion of the retail, services, and food production workforce, have been strongly impacted. ADB’s loan will create a program to provide direct cash transfers to homes to assist 1.2 million children, and funding is expected to help create room for the kindergarten enrollment of 16,000 new children in poor areas. The financing will also help boost Mongolia’s social security premium reimbursement program to benefit low-wage employees. We appreciate your commitment to aiding struggling individuals, Asian Development Bank and Mongolia. May conditions soon improve in Mongolia so that everyone can live serenely, in Buddha’s brilliance.

Two teenage lifeguards save pilot after crash off Californian coast.

Aidan Arie and Jake Shaffer were at California’s Huntington State Beach in the United States to compete in a lifeguarding competition when they witnessed a small plane nosedive into the ocean. The two 15-year-olds, who have been training to become lifeguards since the age of nine, were quick to enter the water. Jake took his paddle board, reached the man, and found him to have a small cut and bruises on his head and also suffering from shock. Aidan, meanwhile, swam around the plane and ensured it was safe for the rescue. Senior lifeguards took over and brought the pilot to shore, where he received medical attention. A hero’s salute, Aidan Arie, Jake Shaffer and fellow rescuers, for your heroic actions and years of training to save lives. We are so happy the pilot was rescued in time and pray he recovers quickly. May many people be inspired by your caring actions, in the care of the Providence. Vegan: a larger viewpoint.

Coming up, UK chef creates vegan treats for dog-people and humans. Let’s pause for a moment to learn about the different types of COVID-19 masks that are available online to keep us safe during the pandemic. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more valuable news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Caring News for a Benevolent World.

Chef in UK creates vegan treats that dog-people and caregivers can share.

Lick&Mix was launched by Mareli Pelzer, a chef residing in East London. During the pandemic, Ms. Pelzer took interest in nutrition for canine-persons after being asked to prepare food for a neighbor’s ill dog companion, who soon recovered. One day, when Mareli delivered her specially designed treats to a vegan café, she noticed that the humans were happily sharing them with their canine companions. This was when the inspired chef came up with the idea to create purely plant-based and healthy treats that dog-folk and their caregivers can enjoy together. The range of scrumptious products, including Peanut Banana Bones, Doggy Granola, and Spinach & Spirulina Pyramids, are available online. Nice work, chef Mareli Pelzer! We cannot wait to get our hands and paws on your tasty treats! In Celestial perfection, may a healthy vegan diet be the norm for all our beloved global co-citizens.

Canine member of search and rescue team tracks down missing child in North Carolina, USA.

Labrador K-9 Maverick, an employee of the Union County Sheriff’s Office, was able to find a missing juvenile with his super keen nose and excellent tracking abilities. Maverick was given the boy’s blanket to pick up the scent, which, while being accompanied by deputies, he followed to a busy freeway and then turned to another road into the woods. The missing boy appeared as he saw them coming, and Maverick ran up to him. The youngster was unharmed and safely returned home. Furthermore, Maverick had successfully found another missing child earlier that month. Deputy Sheriff Joshua Dye, Maverick’s partner, stated that canine-persons are very important to law enforcement work. Bravo, hero Maverick, you deserve all the vegan treats you can eat! Many thanks, Deputy Sheriff Joshua Dye, for your dedication to your noble job. In Divine elegance, may all animal-people be respectfully regarded as friends and helpers in a kind world.

Ready to be amused with our joke of the day? This one’s entitled “Just Dreaming.”

A little girl asks her mom:

“Mom, do you ever daydream?”

“Yes, sweetie, in fact, when I was doing the laundry today, I was daydreaming... What if we could just put ourselves in the dryer for 15 minutes and come out wrinkle-free and three sizes smaller...”


And now we have a heartline from Tzu-Yun in Keelung, Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Hallo, Beloved Master and Supreme Master TV team, Thank you for producing the most spirit-uplifting programs in the world, through which I bathe in Master’s Love and Blessings every day.

I bask in the sunlight in the park every morning, and once I saw an injured pigeon-person with its claw entwined in a piece of wire on which there were five needles. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable, but I dared not get hold of him for fear that those needles would hurt both him and me. He would fly away in a panic each time I tried to approach him with a box.

Afterwards, I communicated with him that Master would take care of him and asked him not to panic. Then I turned on Supreme Master TV and recited Master’s Holy Name. Suddenly, time and space stopped, and all the pigeon-people stayed motionless for a few seconds, which was so miraculous as if someone had pressed the “pause” button while playing a film. I rapidly covered the pigeon-person with the box and then took him to the animal-people shelter where they could treat his claw.

Thank You, Master, for always manifesting miracles and taking care of everything meticulously. With love, Tzu-Yun from Keelung, Taiwan (Formosa)

Gentle Tzu-Yun, We really enjoyed reading this lovely story. Thank you. Many of us have similar experiences of Master’s Divine Power. We are so blessed to have Master with us on Earth. May the Heavens light the way for all beings to know only love and compassion and bless you and the versatile Taiwanese (Formosan) people with much happiness and peace in your hearts. In Universal love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master appreciates your positive actions: “Caring Tzu-Yun, thank you for rescuing the little pigeon-person, and I hope both of you can spend many more happy times enjoying the sunshine in the park. May you and all beings in friendly Taiwan (Formosa) know only blissful harmony, in Celestial Love.”

Vegan: cos we want 2 live happily & strong.

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