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In today’s news, global education fund to invest in children’s schooling in northern Ethiopia, 100 million worldwide have been involuntarily displaced due to various crises, scientists propose using undersea internet cables for earthquake detection, Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, opens world’s longest glass-bottom bridge, passersby rescue motorist having medical emergency in Florida, USA, company in France expands vegan milk production, and missing lady in Texas, United States, saved by her hero dog-person companion.

United Nations global education fund supports children returning to school in northern Ethiopia.

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) has invested an additional US$2 million to help over 20,000 children and adolescents from refugee, displaced, and host communities in Afar, Amhara and Tigray to return to school, after an absence due to the pandemic and conflict in the regions. This investment will be used to rebuild classrooms and latrines to provide better access to safe and gender-sensitive places to learn. Cash transfers will also be made to families whose children are returning to school, more teachers and school administrators will be hired and trained, and learning materials will be provided. This latest donation brings the total amount ECW has invested in Ethiopia to more than US$30 million. Our gratitude, Education Cannot Wait, for your contribution to the schooling of the gentle youngsters of northern Ethiopia. May these children always be surrounded by peace so they can enjoy their right to learn, in Heaven’s protection.

Number of forcibly displaced people reaches record 100 million globally.

A recent report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has revealed that there are now 100 million people worldwide who have had to move to another location due to violence, war, persecution or human rights violations. By the end of last year, there were 90 million individuals who had been displaced in countries such as Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Myanmar and others. The war in Ukraine has made the situation even worse. The 100 million affected represent over 1.2% of the world’s population. Such heartbreaking news, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, on the number of people on the planet who have been relocated due to war and violence. In the blessings of the Providence, may humanity soon switch to the vegan diet to ensure the energy of peace emanates from all of us, as we stop killing animal-people and love all beings. “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” ~Matthew, Holy Bible

Up next, scientists propose using undersea internet cables for earthquake detection. We’ll just give thanks to the healthcare information technology consultants, for providing technical assistance to hospital employees in all departments. Please stay with us for more valuable news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, Earth-loving friends, it’s Axel, a vegan chap from the Arboreal Alligator Lizard kingdom. It is such a wonderful and refreshing feeling when you just follow the compassionate path. This makes me smile every day as I know I contribute to creating a benevolent world. Here is a tip on how to deep clean your oven’s interior without using toxic chemicals. Start by taking out the oven racks and place them in a mixture containing hot water, dish soap and dryer sheets. Let them sit in the bath overnight. Next, get rid of loose debris in the oven by using a little brush and dustpan or hand vacuum cleaner. Then make a paste consisting of water, baking soda, and dish soap to apply onto the solid surfaces of your oven. Allow it to remain overnight. The following day, wipe the oven’s interior until it’s all clean using a sponge. Then wash and dry the racks. The interior of your oven will be spotless after this, and you won’t spend money on harsh cleaning products that can damage the environment! Thank you for tuning in. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. And now, the worldwide weather.

Scientists determine global undersea cables could be used to detect earthquakes.

A team of researchers from Europe recently performed tests and discovered that the large network of subsea internet cables could be used to pinpoint earthquakes and tsunamis as well as changes to ocean currents due to climate change. At this time, most of the seismic detectors are based on land, as placing them on the ocean floor would be very difficult and too costly. However, by monitoring the speed of light through sections of cable between different signal repeaters, scientists could determine if tremors or quakes have occurred and identify their location more accurately. Kudos, European researchers, for developing a technique that could help monitor our seismically active planet. In Celestial insight, may your discovery soon be put into practice as we lovingly protect one another while returning to the pure vegan way.

World’s longest glass-bottom bridge opens in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam.

Bạch Long, meaning White Dragon in Aulacese (Vietnamese), was recently certified by Guinness World Records as the longest glass-bottom bridge. It connects two mountain peaks in a rural region of Sơn La province. The marvel measures 632 meters in length, is suspended around 150 meters above a gorge, and can hold up to 450 people at one time. This structure allows visitors to enjoy the majestic scenery of the region, while connecting them to a popular resort in the mountain. It is hoped that Bạch Long, which was built through a partnership between local tourism authorities and a French construction company, will help to increase the number of sightseers to the region. Way to go, Âu Lạc (Vietnam), on your impressive feat of engineering. In the grace of the Buddha, may your kindhearted citizens enjoy blissful meditation and good health, as we move forward together in peace and prosperity.

Caring citizens stop rolling car to aid driver suffering medical episode.

Laurie Rabyor from Florida, United States, suddenly collapsed behind the wheel driving home from work. Ms. Rabyor’s co-worker Jannette Rivera happened to notice her friend’s car drifting across the busy intersection. Risking her life, she quickly ran alongside her colleague’s vehicle while waving for help. Several passersby, including Juan Chavez, Jr. and Marko Bartolone, sprang into action to stop the car. They were then able to smash a window to put it in park, thus allowing the vehicle to be pushed into a nearby parking lot. A nurse at the scene looked after the victim until the fire department arrived. After she recovered, Ms. Rabyor reunited with those who saved her life and personally thanked them. The Boynton Beach Police Department also honored them for their heroic deeds. We are glad you are safe, Laurie Rabyor! A bow and congratulations, Good Samaritans. You’ve demonstrated great community spirit when someone is in need, in God’s Compassion. Continue with ur war: cos hell has been gathering all the fire 2 welcome u.

Coming up, company in France expands vegan milk production. Let’s take a moment to pray for the protection of stray dog-mothers and their newborn puppies. May they all soon find loving forever homes. We’ll return with more delightful news on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Cheerful News for a Jubilant World.

French company expands vegan milk manufacturing capacity.

The plant-based food firm Ecotone recently announced it will invest €20 million into expanding its vegan beverage production facilities. The funds will be used for its plant in the northern Italian town of Badia Polesine, due to that site being in close proximity to the organic raw food grown for use in manufacturing its products. The brand currently relies on 4,500 hectares of organic cultivation in Italy to make its nutritious offerings. The investment will add 30% or 27 million liters annually to Ecotone’s production capacity of plant-based beverages. The amount of automation and green energy utilized at the plant will increase and plastic use and CO2 emissions will be reduced. Great news, Ecotone, on the expansion of your vegan milk business. In the love of the Divine, may plant-based milks soon become the only kind of milks that humans drink, as we leave our animal-people co-inhabitants in peace.

Hero dog-person’s barks help searchers locate missing lady.

Sherry Noppe from Katy, Texas, USA, who has recently been diagnosed with dementia, disappeared while walking Max, her three-year-old black Labrador dog-person companion in the heavily wooded George Bush Park. Sherry’s children helped organize a massive search for their mother through social media. Fortunately, after 3 days, Sherry was found safe in the park with Max at her side, after the loyal canine-person’s barking alerted the searchers to their location in thick brush at about 3 am. Following an examination at the hospital, Sherry was able to go home in time to celebrate Mother’s Day. Max, who was checked by a veterinarian, joined his grateful family as a hero. What a happy ending! Thank you, all parties involved, especially caring and intelligent Max, for your life-saving companionship. May we cherish our animal friends as they are truly our helpers as God intended, in Heaven’s abiding care.

Now, it’s time to don our laughter jetpacks and let the joke of the day boost our mood. It’s entitled “Warning Sign.”

As Drake was passing by a very fancy and luxurious home, he saw a sign on the fence surrounding it. Coming closer, he saw it read:

“A dog-person is man’s best friend. But our dog-person inside is not to all men!”

And now we have a heartline from Wu-Chen in China:

Hallo, Supreme Master TV team! People from the city have returned to rural areas and live a sustainable life to protect the environment on the Earth! There is a family in China; all of them are vegans. The mother and her three daughters make a living by farming in the rural mountain area where other people do not want to stay. They only buy some necessary food, which they can’t grow in the mountains. All the rest, the fruits and vegetables, they supply themselves and even share the surplus with people in the city. They have been living like this for 12 years and have not produced any waste. They are truly living a sustainable life! It is Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV that gives them the Blessing Power. They are all Master’s disciples. They have built a wooden house and bamboo buildings themselves and play Supreme Master TV non-stop 24 hours a day and have obtained great benefits and spiritual elevation from it.

In response to Master’s request to pray globally for a vegan world from 9 pm to 10 pm every night, we and other initiates from China try our best to meditate from 7 pm to 10 pm every night and some even meditate through the night, praying that a vegan world will manifest soon and peace will come to this world!

We do group meditation here together and the time we spend on meditation has increased a lot so we have received many benefits. During this period of time, a miraculous thing happened. My cellphone accidentally fell into the water. It was soaked in the water for about 20 minutes. After putting the cellphone aside overnight for about 20 hours, I took it to the repair shop. I couldn’t believe that my cellphone was completely restored. It was really incredible! I changed the screen and paid for the cost of replacing the screen only. We are determined to practice diligently, try our best to promote the vegan lifestyle and work hard to achieve a vegan world as soon as possible! Respectfully, Wu-Chen from China

Dignified Wu-Chen, We enjoyed reading about the family’s sustainable vegan lifestyle described in your letter and rejoice in the many Blessings you all receive through your dedicated spiritual practice. May you and the resplendent Chinese people prosper in Universal Love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this happy reply for you: “Harmonious Wu-Chen, well done that you and other initiates are diligently meditating for World Vegan daily. I send you, your loved ones, and all the brothers and sisters my Love. May the Godses fill your days and those of the fortunate Chinese people with much peace and fulfillment.”

“Eating meat, at the cost of great suffering for animals, is unacceptable.” ~ Shabkar Tsodruk Rangdrol (vegetarian)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your presence on Noteworthy News. May you and your loved ones be graced with hope, faith, and joy.

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