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Selections from Zoroastrianism’s Sacred Book “Sad Dar”: Chapters 25-62, Part 2 of 2



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“The thirty-fourth subject is this, that it is greatly necessary to refrain from slaughter of animals and the cattle species. Because it says in revelation that, for everyone who slaughters many animals and cattle, every fiber of the hair of a goat becomes, in that other world, like a sharp sword, and adheres in the soul of that person.”

“The sixtieth subject is this, that we are keeping the good and pure religion of the Mazda-worshippers with us, so that escape from hell may be possible for our souls. And we are completely united in hope, and through investigation we fully understand that, when we are steadfast in the good religion, we arrive in Heaven. And we know that arrival in Heaven occurs through virtuous actions, and through them we are saved; so that we think of good, speak of good, and do good. And no doing of good is better than that which offers itself when a difficult duty comes before one of the good religions as his soul wishes to depart.”

“The sixty-first subject is this, that it is requisite to abstain strictly from speaking falsehood; so that, every time that mankind indulges in the speaking of falsehood with fondness, it is not proper to do so; and falsehood is the chief of all sins.” “In revelation it says that there is no hereafter for the speakers of falsehood, and in the midst of mankind they are contemptible. If such a man be powerful, and there be no avoiding him in the vicinity of mankind, they do not have any respect for him, and he is clearly an evil liar. Although he possesses much wealth, it will all depart from his hands, and finally, begging of mankind occurs to him, and his progeny also becomes scanty.”

“It is requisite to occasion the resurrection owing to truth; and, as to every place where truth is not taken up, the glory in that place has found a way out, and as to every household where much of this resides, it is on account of truth, and Ahriman (the evil spirit) does not find a way into that place. It is said in revelation that one truthful man is better than a whole world speaking falsehood; and Gavah of Isfahan – when he kept his stand upon the truth, and was speaking words with truth until the time when Dahak (Zahhak), who possessed the whole realm, and the whole of the demons and mankind have been afraid of him, through the truth of the words spoken – was bold with them in every speech, and became victorious over them by reason of the true words that he was speaking.”
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