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Between Master and Disciples

Ukraine’s Noble Willpower Is Stronger than Russia’s Force, Part 8 of 8, Apr. 8, 2022

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A leader is the one who takes care of his people, not to just look down upon them or kill them anytime, no matter what, without any remorse. That is not the sense of a leader. (Yes, Master.) Nobody would accept that, it’s unacceptable. Even if you go and kill other countries’ citizens in numbers, just like Putin or his army did, it’s already unimaginable.

Seems like they want to eliminate the Ukrainian people. It’s even printed like that in one of their newspapers in Russia; like, they should eliminate completely the Ukrainians. Even the Ukrainian language also should never exist anymore. (Wow.) They should eliminate the whole Ukrainian race as if it’s never existed on Earth.

“Media Report from MSNBC Apr. 5 2022 Daily Beast Columnist and Creator of Russian Media Monitor United States, Julia Davis (f): That’s actually been very prevalent in their state media lately. It’s claiming that Ukraine has no right to exist at all, and neither does the Ukrainian language or culture. It all needs to be uprooted.”

Oh my God! I’ve never seen such evil anywhere else except in hell. So, these people, like Putin, must be truly from hell. You don’t have to believe in spiritual power or clairvoyance, nothing. You can see it with your own physical eyes. (Yes, Master.) Even children can understand and can see it.

How can you look at human’s lives, millions, or even tens of thousands, like ant- or insect-, or mosquito-people or no value, nothing like that. (Yes, Master.) If communism mentality is like that, oh, I'm never for communism. I declare this outright right now. It doesn’t make any good example, doesn’t make any sense, doesn’t make any compassionate, loving, kindness for humanity. What for do they exist? (Right, Master.)

What for do they want to win this country and possess that country and make it become motherland, fatherland or one family, whatever? It’s all bs. (Yes, Master.) It’s all really devil talk, it’s not real human talk. (Yes, Master.)

My God! They look upon their own citizens, in numerous numbers like that, and say, “Oh, we have a lot more.” Can you imagine that? The people have their lives to live, it’s not for his hand to kill or to save. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) No leader ever has the right to say such things or to take their citizens’ lives into their hands and do what they want with them (Yes.) and harm them. (Yes, Master.)

A leader is the one who takes care of his people, not to just look down upon them or kill them anytime, no matter what, without any remorse. That is not the sense of a leader. (Yes, Master.) Nobody would accept that, it’s unacceptable. Even if you go and kill other countries’ citizens in numbers, just like Putin or his army did, it’s already unimaginable. Not to talk about killing your own people in millions or even 20,000. (Yes, Master.) As if it’s nothing! As if they are just dirt, have no value and they are just like numbers. Oh, this is terrible! It’s terrible!

Some people still worship him (Mao Zedong). How can you worship such a devilish person like that? No matter who they are. Even if he’s Aulacese (Vietnamese), I would say the same. (Yes, Master.)

The ones who have power in their hands and use it to kill their own people, this is the devil in the utmost sense of it. (Yes, Master.) The same, if you use it to kill also a fetus or infants or babies, it’s the same. (Right. Yes.) That’s why I said the poop Francis is a devil, because he allows it, he could not care less. He receives these baby killers in his own private house, in the House of the Lord, (Yes, Master.) not worried that they will contaminate, they will degrade the House of the Lord. Like, contaminate, to make it unclean, to desecrate the holy place of the Lord. (Yes, Master.)

In India, if you’re a stranger and if you are not a Brahmin, they don’t let you even cast your shadow in their own kitchen or their house. They (the Brahmins) say it will contaminate their area, especially their kitchen, their food. Your shadow is not even allowed to fall on their food. Your shadow only. (Yes, Master.)

My God, it’s just too much. I wouldn’t say that we all do that, but to kill your own people like ant- or mosquito-people or dirt like that, is truly evil. Can you see it? (Yes, we can see.) Blood all over on your body and hands, he must be a devil incarnate, what else then? Any human being would have more sympathy for other human beings. (Yes. Right.) And try to help them as much as they can if they need. How can they just kill them like that, at random, just to attain some goal, whatever, and then say the results will justify the action. That’s bs again. That’s really devil talk. Not just bs but devil talk, hell talk.

Oh God. And unfortunately, we have too many of them nowadays, all sitting on top. Alright. I leave it all in the hands of the Lord. I’m doing my best. More I cannot do.

Any other things? (I don’t think so, Master.) Questions, comments, good news, bad news. (There doesn’t seem to be anything else, Master.) OK good then, I’m also done. I was saying that I would read you a story but I’m getting tired now. Too tired somehow. (Oh.) So maybe next time. (Yes, Master. Thank You. Hope You feel better.) Oh, I will.

Remember wild weeds, wild grass doesn’t die. I just “die” for a while. Because I didn’t “die” last time. I couldn’t. I wanted to go “die in bed” but then I had to work, I had to “resurrect” to do the shows. The show must go on, and I think my energy’s limited now.

Nothing urgent, right? All the urgent shows you received already, if not, then you go look again. I’ve sent it. (Yes, Master.) And if one or two new shows are not done, I’ll do it later. (Yes, Master.) I need a rest only. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I just need a rest. You can hear my voice is a little bit croaky now? (Yes, Master.) If I don’t stop, you’ll think, “Where is Master? Is a frog-person coming from somewhere?”

(Master, I just found the quote.) Yeah, tell me. (It says if everybody cannot have enough to eat, then if half the people die, then the other half can eat.) Oh, understand. Meaning, if we don’t have enough food, what to do right? (Yes, then just like if half the people die, then the other half people, they will have food, they can eat.) Some of his comrades said, “Then a lot of people would die.” He said, “Oh, don’t worry, we have a lot of people.” Right? (Yeah.) Meaning, it doesn’t matter how many die, we still have some.

(He means that they have a report, like we have many, many people dying because of starvation. And he said, like half the people dying, then the rest of the people can have enough food to eat. That means he doesn’t care.) He said, “We have a lot of people.” He said something like that, “We still have a lot of people.” It means the population is big, so, it doesn’t matter. From what I read is that he said, “We still have a lot of people, don’t worry.” Meaning the population of China is big, so it doesn’t matter how many people die, that’s what it is. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, terrible, terrible. You cannot just kill people like that. You have to find some way to nourish them. No? (Yes, Master.) You cannot just let them die as if you kill them. (No.) That’s the same as killing them. (Right. Yes, Master.) Even if he’s not killing them personally by knives or by guns, the way he said that, that it doesn’t matter if they die, just let them starve. (Yes.)

Just like Marie Antoinette in France, people reported to her, “Our people don’t have bread anymore,” meaning they’re starving. (Yes.) And she said, “Let them have cake.” If you don’t have bread, then you can have cake. Just so cut off from reality. (Yes, Master. Right.) So, could not care less. No wonder they killed her, right? They did chop her head later on, right? Marie Antoinette of France. I think, from what I remember, afterwards, they chopped off her head. Executed her, if I remember right.

Our people don’t have bread anymore, “Let them eat cake.” That’s a very famous sentence. (Yes, Master.) People often quote that. That’s really a historical quote, everybody knows that sentence, “Let them eat cake.” And a lot of people use it when they write or compare stuff.

OK. I must go, my love. I don’t feel very up to your expectations. The frog-person’s coming out. (Thank You, Master.) (Please, take more rest.) See you next time. (Yes, Master.) I mean, talk to you next time. (Yes. Take care, Master.) Don’t know when I will see you next time. God bless. God love. (God bless, Master. Thank You. Take care, Master.)

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