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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 194 - Prophecies of the King of Shambhala

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“Like a diamond glows the light on the Tower of Shambhala. He is there – Rigden-jyepo (Rudra Chakrin), indefatigable, ever vigilant in the cause of mankind. Distance does not exist for Him; He can instantaneously bring assistance to worthy ones.”

In our last episode, we learned that the army that Rudra Chakrin (the King of Shambhala) leads would be a peaceful one – not senseless killers, but vanquishers of evil and ignorance. We also presented our conclusion that these prophecies describe the Great Master of our time, Supreme Master Ching Hai, and Her disciples, who participate in Master’s work by spreading the Dharma of compassion.

Let’s now look for further evidence to confirm the true identity of the King of Shambhala!

“Lama, if the great warriors are incarnated, will not the activities of Shambhala take place here on our Earth?”

“Everywhere— here and in Heaven. All benevolent forces shall come together to destroy the darkness. Each one who will help in this great task shall be rewarded a hundred-fold and upon this very Earth, in this incarnation.”

In this revelation recorded by the esteemed Russian writer Nicholas Roerich, we learn that everyone who helps Rudra Chakrin will be rewarded, even immediately, in this present life. This includes both the Shambhala King’s disciples and non-disciple helpers.

“(I just wanted to tell You that Loving Hut, opening Loving Hut was the best thing that ever happened to me in this life.) Oh, thank you. Nice to hear. […] (We feel Your presence every day. And we’re only two people working there, but sometimes I feel like there are more hands than we can handle) Oh, really? (and there are extra hands helping us.) Yeah? (Yes.)”

“(Several months ago, I volunteered to be a writer for Supreme Master Television. …The work makes me happy. I might be feeling exhausted from the day’s activities when I sit down to write. Yet, within minutes, my spirits begin to soar, and energy enters my body which is indescribable. By the time I finish, I feel elated, satisfied, and grateful for this most incredible opportunity to serve others without even leaving my home!”

“Work for Supreme Master TV one hour, you gain 3,000 (spiritual merit) points. […] (Wow!) Recommend Supreme Master TV for one person to watch, gain 20,000 points. (Wow!) Write Heartlines even to Supreme Master TV, gain 3,000 points. […] Open vegan Loving Hut, gain 30,000 (spiritual merit) points per year; (Wow!) work for Loving Hut, earning money, gain 6,000 points; work in Loving Hut for food, gain 10,000 points. […] Help with designing or sewing S.M. design clothes, 1,000 points; […] help with designing jewelry, 2,000 to 3,500 points – these are per year. […] Work with Loving Food – that’s another company of ours – gain 2,000 points per year. […]

But I don’t think any of you, or myself, ever thinks of gaining any merit while working for Supreme Master Television or going to help unfortunate people or anything of the like, right? We don’t think of merit at all. (Yes, Master.) Right.”

Our world is changing, and all due to everyone also. Not just us, not just you, but many people outside our group. […] I wish also all these groups, these organizations, these people, individuals who are sincerely and compassionately fighting for the weaker and less fortunate, such as the helpless, innocent animal-people, I do wish them also all the best. […] I wish them truly from all my heart that they will have the best position now and later in the better universe. And even here on this planet, they will get what they deserve. They will get respect, recognition; they will have success; they will be loved, worshipped, and supported, just like the way you are supporting me and supporting our ideal.”

“(Oh…thank You so much, Supreme Master Ching Hai!) (There’s an energy coming out of that; that’s awesome, wow!) (This has so much meaning for me really, and I will share it with the team to give them strength.) (Thank You for Your compassion, thank You for Your thoughtfulness, and together, let’s make this world a better place.)”

“His immeasurable riches are ready to aid all needy ones who offer to serve the cause of righteousness.”

“(Supreme Master Ching Hai, thank You very much for this generous donation and for the award.) (This will change our lives.) (It will change the animals’ lives.) (It’s going to help us to continue to grow and change the lives of the animals and children.) (On behalf of the grandmas here, I would like to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai very much. I promise to try to do a very good job in order to repay Your kindness.) (And we will do justice to this award by continuing to do our best for the migrant workers. So, a very heartfelt thank You to Supreme Master Ching Hai and I hope She continues to bless us.)” Etc…

“It’s not just the gift only, it’s the plaque and my writing, my praise to them, that give them blessing in their place as well. […] If they receive it, they have blessing. They have protection, to some extent. (Yes, Master.) Of course, if they believe me, then they will be also more protected, and more free after life. Higher level after life or free completely, it depends on how much faith they have.”

What are some of the holy powers of the King of Shambhala?

“Like a diamond glows the light on the Tower of Shambhala. He is there – Rigden-jyepo (Rudra Chakrin), indefatigable, ever vigilant in the cause of mankind. Distance does not exist for Him; He can instantaneously bring assistance to worthy ones.”

“(Master, a sister initiate told me this. In Zhongli, the sister initiate had a neighbor who was over 80 years old. He died not long ago. But before he died, this sister showed him Master’s picture. Then he recalled that, forty or fifty years ago he was sent to Manila to serve in the Japanese army. Their ship sank into a very deep sea gorge. Then he saw Master’s transcendental body come to rescue him, saving him from the very deep sea, and bringing him up. Later, he finally found out that Master was the one in the picture on the cover of the Aphorisms book. He was very grateful to Master.)”

“(When we almost got home, the car suddenly hit something, making a very loud sound, and it scraped on the road and was hurled into the cement embankment. When the car stopped, I was thrown out of the car. At that time, I thought it was the end of my life. So I talked to Master inside, ‘O God, I was initiated for only a few years, and must go so soon, I feel so regretful.’

When I opened my eyes, I saw myself standing in a deep pit in between two giant sewers. Just a little bit over toward either side, I would have hit one of the sewers. I touched my arms, they were moving fine. I tried my legs, they weren’t hurt.

At that time, people on both sides of the street crowded in to look down the pit. They said, ‘Wow, this woman isn’t dead, she’s all right. How strange! Falling into such a pit and still OK, still alive!’

Then a fellow initiate in the car said that when the car’s windshield was shattered and my body flew out of it, there was a white light that surrounded me and I descended slowly.

‘My God.’ I felt relieved and thought, ‘I’ve escaped death and I am all right. How miraculous! Master must have saved me, otherwise, I could never survive with the whole body intact like this.’)”

“(Back in 1981, I was in a very depressed mental and spiritual place, to the point where I saw no decision except to end my life. Someone had come by just when I was in the process and saved me and called the police, and took me to the hospital.

While I was there, this incredible white Light came to me in my kind of sleep-awake state. And all the darkness in every part of my being receded and disappeared. This Woman came out of the Light and it was mostly Her eyes, came to me, and said, ‘You do not have the decision to take your life. When your time comes, it is God’s decision.’ Her love and Her warmth just healed me throughout my spirit, and it gave me hope.

That was in 1981, and in 1999, I was introduced to Supreme Master Ching Hai. At that time I knew the eyes, because those eyes came to me back then. I knew that She was the one that healed me at that time, and allowed me to meet Her in real life.)”

“(At the time of the incident, two sisters were about to cross the road when a white car suddenly rammed over at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. Under the impact of the car, Sister Xiao Guang bounced into the air in front of her. When she fell, the car hit again. Sister Xiaoji was knocked out 10 meters away. …An examination showed that sister Xiao Guang had suffered a compression fracture in her lumbar vertebrae. The doctor said that surgery would not be necessary. Sister Xiao Ji had suffered only superficial injuries. Both sisters were hospitalized. To not worry her family, sister Xiao Ji telephoned her husband the following day and told him that she had to be away from home for a few days. Her husband then asked, ‘Did you have a car accident? Last night I dreamt that you two were hit by a white car. But at that moment, a white Light body stopped the car with both hands and that’s why you’re OK. It must have been Master who saved you!’ …Even the hospital’s head physician called sister Xiao Guang ‘Ms. Buddha,’ for throughout his 30-year medical career he had never seen anyone sustain such minor injuries from such a serious car accident.)”

“(I have a friend whose younger brother was seriously depressed. Without eating and drinking, he locked himself in his room and turned off the lights. I called him and he said that there was some energy that came and made him very scared. Then I sent him some of Master’s songs and lectures and advised him to watch them and sincerely ask Master for help.

A few days later, he told me that he saw a very bright Light and Master came to him. She carried a staff and introduced Herself as a daughter of God. His own body was glowing. He felt Master lifting his body up high and saying, ‘You are not of this world. You have to lift yourself up.’ Since then, he has felt very light. All the burdens of his life disappeared and he now feels happy. He has been vegan for several years now.)”

“(Hallo to the Savior of the world, dear Master. My brother is one of Master’s [non-initiate] followers who is a vegetarian. It was 2016. He was a driver during the last war in Iraq. He was carrying a photo of Master with him, and always prayed for [and believed in] Master’s protection before driving to any mission. A car was carrying four people, one of whom was a close friend of my brother. And my brother was the driver of the car that passed over land that had been mined by the enemy, and the car exploded. The rear passengers were killed. And my brother and his boss, who was sitting next to him in the front of the car, miraculously survived, such that my brother did not have even a small injury. My brother’s boss was injured. My brother has an unusual love for Master and believes that Master has saved him.)”


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