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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Humane Being – Protecting our Precious Animal-People and the Environment

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Humane Being, a British non-profit organization, is well-known for its Scrap Factory Farming Campaign, which may be the world’s first legal challenge in petitioning a government to end all operations of animal-people farming consumption.

We were privileged to get an exclusive interview with Ms. Jane Tredgett, founder and director of Humane Being, and with Mr. David Finney, the spokesperson of the Scrap Factory Farming Campaign. “We've all got two things we can use to help protect animals, to protect the planet and to end the suffering and those (are) using our voice effectively and using our purses effectively.” “I think it's about just continually seeking to make improvements in your lifestyle and never getting complacent. There's always something you can do. And, as Jane said, we can write to people. We can take part in things. We can join groups and just keep pushing and keep making things happen.”

The amazing work of Humane Being gives us hope, and the two leaders are also positive about the future of a kinder world, where humans and animal-people live together in peace and harmony. “My wish or vision for the world would be for cruelty to people and animals to stop and for us all just to simply live in harmony with each other, with nature, with other species, and make this planet a joint home for us all, that we can all enjoy.”

In order to honor the noble aim and initiatives of the non-profit organization, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully presents the Shining World Compassion Award to Humane Being, plus US$10,000 as a token of supporting their noble efforts, with high praises and heartfelt appreciation for your precious vision and noble endeavor on behalf of all beings.”

Master also wrote them a letter which reads as follows. “Dear Jane, It is with great admiration and gratitude that we present to Humane Being the ‘Shining World Compassion Award’ for promoting the ‘Scrap Factory Farming’ campaign for people, planet and the animal-people. This Award is presented in recognition of your pioneering activism, legally challenging an entire governmental system entrenched with the inhumane support of livestock raising. May your campaign and all involved be protected, in Heaven’s forever mercy. With Love, Blessings, and Great Success in God’s Grace Supreme Master Ching Hai”
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