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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Mee Fah Chan, Nurturing Love

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Today we introduce to you a Shining World Compassion Award recipient from Malaysia, a loving 78-years-young lady, Ms. Mee Fah Chan. After many decades working for humans, Ms. Chan retired and used her inheritance from her late husband to build a life-saving shelter for animals. Located in Semenyih, a small town in southeastern Selangor, Malaysia, Mee Fah’s Shelter was built on leased property three years ago and is now a loving home for over 1,400 animals. Ms. Chan lives at the shelter in a small container home to be close to her adopted furry family. “After a while, I noticed that these 4-legged were put aside. And the concentration, the charity, and everything is focused on the two-legged. And it is to me sort of an imbalance because every one of us is a creature of God.” Ms. Chan estimates that her existing finances are sufficient to operate the shelter for another two years. She hopes that by then, with help from long-time friends and supporters, her shelter would be granted non-governmental organization (NGO) status. This would allow her to hold public fundraisers. Ms. Chan is not too worried though because she has strong faith in the Divine and believes everything is God’s arrangement. Upon hearing about the wonderful work of this kind lady, our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai “Heartfully present Ms. Chan with the Shining World Compassion Award plus a supporting token of US$15,000, with all love and gratitude for your noble work and devotion to our precious animal co-inhabitants.” “Thank you. I'm very, very touched, and very honored to have been picked from so many people to receive this award. This is what I would like to, really say that God has come down to the shelter in RinChing in the form of Great Master Ching [Hai], to come and touch all my four-leggeds and say, ‘You have been very blessed.’”
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