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Divine Mercy of the Most Holy One: Selections from the Kabbalistic Zohar, Part 2 of 2

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“We have learned in the ‘Book of Concealed Mystery’ that every work exists in order that it may procure increase for Mercy, and that it may establish the same; also, that this is not to be cut off nor removed from the world. This is that which is written: ‘And My Compassion shall not depart from thee.’ Namely, the Compassion of the Ancient of Days. And this compassion of the Ancient of Days is the mercy of truth. And (this phrase) ‘mercy of truth’ is not said concerning the life of the body, but concerning the life of the soul.”

“Also, we have learned that from those apples goes forth the life of the universe, like as it is written, Numbers 6:25 ‘The Lord makes His countenance to shine upon thee.’ Here is understood the exterior countenance which when it shines, blesses the universe. And we have learned that whensoever those external inner Heavenly Lights shine, He blesses the whole world, and wrath is no longer found in the universe.”

“This is that which is said, ‘May He return and have mercy upon us!’ May He return, that is, again; whence it is to be noticed that sometimes they are concealed and sometimes uncovered; wherefore it is said: ‘May He return and have mercy upon us!’”

“Rabbi Eleazar, his son, arose, and commenced, and said: ‘All things depend from the Divine influx, even the Book of the Law (The Torah) in the Temple. This we understood from the ‘Book of Concealed Mystery.’ Therefore, do not then all things depend from the Divine influx? Also, we have learned that the Book of the Law (The Torah) must be Holy, and its covering Holy, and the Temple Holy.”

“Also, we have learned that all things depend from that Divine Influx which is (symbolised by) that tress of (hair of the beard) from which all (the other) hairs depend. Why is this called the Divine Influx? Because from it depend the influences and the influences of the influences, and from it come forth those which are above and those which are below. And that in it, all the things of the universe depend, superiors and inferiors; also in the last place the Book of the Law (The Torah), which is in the Temple, and is crowned with the ten Holinesses, is not excepted, hence with the other Holinesses. All things depend from the Divine Influx.”
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