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Please, no more abortions! Please listen with your heart to the babies’ eagerness to come into the world

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When I watched on Supreme Master TV about abortion, I became very frightened that it’d become a vehicle for devils.

I remember that I once incidentally saw the soul of a baby boy lying on the shoulder of one of my male colleagues. “Did you ask your girlfriend to get an abortion?” I couldn’t help asking him. He was shocked and asked, “How do you know? Only my girlfriend and I know this.”

I told him that the baby was lying on his shoulder, saying in tremendous pain and grief that he shouldn’t have terminated the baby’s life. The baby had waited a long time to be reincarnated as a human, and now his life was taken away. As you sow, so shall you reap. The baby’s soul will stay with him and his girlfriend till the end of their lives!

Therefore, do not ever have an abortion. The unborn soul finally got a chance to become a human but was killed ruthlessly. The poor soul! Thank You, Master, for reminding humankind of their misconception. And thank you, Supreme Master TV, for presenting positive news. Tien-Yun from Taiwan (Formosa)

Please, no more abortions! Children are truly a gift endowed by God. I dreamt that I was pregnant and then found I had truly conceived a baby. Because of my constitution, I’ve not been feeling well. However, I constantly feel the Blessings from Heaven. I often talk and write cards to my baby, sharing my feelings. I believe that the baby can sense what I feel.

My belief has grown stronger since I became aware of the child’s movements in my womb. The baby responds whenever I ask a question. One day, when I was playing the music I often listen to, miraculously, my baby moved along with the beat. Both my husband and I saw bumps, either from the baby’s little hands or feet, appear on my belly. We were amazed and overwhelmed with joy. This clearly proves that the baby does have feelings even before birth. Please listen with your heart to the babies’ eagerness to come into the world. Please help protect these innocent lives! Chih-Ya from Taiwan (Formosa)

Concerned Tien-Yun and Chih-Ya, Thank you both for your important messages. We share your distress knowing that precious unborn children are killed every day and pray that governments around the world swiftly pass legislation to protect these irreplaceable human lives from abortion. Thank you for voicing these sentiments, awakening others to the sacred right to life of all growing fetuses as determined by Heavens. May the Godses embrace and nurture you and visionary Taiwan (Formosa), Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this supportive reply for you: “Endearing Tien-Yun and Chih-Ya, may the Buddhas bless you and the baby. Your caring words echo mine on the sanctity of life in the womb and enlightening others to these truths. I pray all human beings may come to know their Divine nature within as then, we will have no more senseless killing of humans or animal-people. Much Love and may Heavens hear our prayers for Paradise on Earth, bringing abundance and well-being to all, including you and your good-natured Taiwanese (Formosan) co-citizens.” 

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