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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Quote: God Is Unconditional

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(Master, if Master is supposed to be unconditional and God is supposed to be unconditional and forgiving, why do You demand people to be vegan and repentant in order to save them?)

I don’t demand. I just point the way. It’s like if you want to go to the south, I will say, “That way.” “You go through this section, you go to that junction, and then you will see the highway, it points to the south”. […]

What for I demand you or anybody to eat vegan? What’s in it for me? (Nothing.) Maybe compassion for the animals and the consequence for humans, of course. But even if I don’t have any compassion for you or anybody, or I don’t feel sorry for the animals, even then, that is the way ‒ regardless of my emotion, my position. That is a way to go south. (Yes.) I don’t have to like you, you are a stranger, you ask me the way to California, I point you that way: “First, you have to go through that way. And then if you don’t have petrol, then you must fill your tank.” That’s not a demand from my part. It’s for you (Yes, that’s right.) to go there. (Yes.) […]

Everything in this physical world has some so-called condition. It’s not the condition from Master. The Master is always unconditional. God is unconditional and forgiving, too. Even if God forgives you everything, you still need to go to hell – because you’re going that way. (Yes. OK.) You are attracting the energy of hell to you. […]

So, even God forgives you, you still go to hell if you eat meat or if you kill animals or (Oh, wow.) partake in the murder. And even if you just pay taxes and the government uses it to subsidize the animal industry or to kill the babies in abortion, then, you still need to pay that. (Oh, wow.) Maybe a little less than the ones who organize it or create the law, but still you must pay. […]

All Masters are unconditional. (Yes.) God is unconditional. But that is the road that leads to hell, so you have to U-turn, that’s all. (Yes.) […]

Killing, eating animals […] is the way to go direct to hell. That’s the road to hell. (Yes.) That is the universal arrangement. […]

Killing is a grave sin and you have to pay for it. […]

So that’s why I urgently urge everybody to eat vegan, not so that I can be fat or healthy, […] it is for them to rescue themselves, to give an excuse (to be rescued). (Yes, Master.) But they have to be vegan and sincere, because that’s the way, it’s the right way to go! (Yes.) […]

There are ways to go to Heaven, there are ways to go to hell, there are ways to go back to the human’s world, there are ways to go to animals’ world. (Yes.) Your choice will affect your future, (Yes, Master.) and affect the present even. Because you eat meat, you will get sick. That’s the immediate karma. And the future karma is hell, worse than sickness. (Yes.)

In this world, if you’re sick nowadays, you still have doctors and nurses and medicine and things to help you. (Yes.) Or operate under anesthesia, you don’t feel pain. In hell, no anesthesia. Pain, pain and pain ‒ and raw and hundred, ten thousand times, or million times. (Gosh.) And you can’t escape. You can’t run anywhere. […] All you do is just scream and nobody hears you. (Oh, God.) You see why I’m working so hard? (Yes, Master.) […]

Vegan, that’s […] the right way to help yourself, help the world, and go to Heaven. (Yes.) It’s the way to go to Heaven. (Yes. That’s the only way.) Yeah, it’s benevolent. […]

Now you understand. (Understand.) No condition. (Yes, Master.) No condition. God is absolutely unconditional. But if you choose to go in harm’s way, then you will be harmed. (Yes.) That’s it. If you go jump into the fire, you’ll be burned. Don’t say nobody told you. (Yes. Yes.) […]

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