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Love and Knowledge Will Conquer All – From “Leaves of Morya’s Garden” by Nicholas and Helena Roerich (vegetarians), Part 2 of 2



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Let us continue with the book “Leaves of Morya’s Garden,” where the venerable Master Morya explains the love and care of the Enlightened Master to their disciples, as well as how disciples should be brave, benevolent, and true to the Truth.

“Naught can deter the Hand of the Creator of the New World. I say unto you: My Shield has taken many arrows, but at the Spirit’s Feast We will assemble, victorious. I know My Daughter wishes to adorn with roses the path to My School, but these times are bitter and cold. All will be well. Displaying fearlessness, you show a noble example to those around you. I teach you to face life’s experiences with hearts alight. I shall explain - I am hastening your karma, and on the way, I strip away all masks, that you may see. Your power increases at the understanding of another soul. You will reach the goal predestined for you by Christ.”

“Better to pay heavily, the sooner to learn the predestined path. The eye will perceive instead of briars a garden nurtured by love. The heart is aware of the phantoms of the mind, but it knows the truth.”

“As often as Karma permits, My Hand removes the dangers from your path. Earthly ways obscure the view of the mountains, yet you shall reach them.”

“Morya has many towers and sentinels upon the slopes of the Himalayas. None without a guide shall penetrate the snowy barriers. Amidst the glaciers, Giants keep watch over the currents of the world.”

“My Hands overflow with bounty, but opponents must be stopped. I shall manifest the power of My Teachings to those of narrow mind.”

“On pure soil do you begin My Manifestations. I shall point out the time for every pure beginning. Need will not afflict you. Outer laws will not violate your inner order.”

“Only with great travail can the Hand of Truth bend the prison bars. From Above rain words of Truth, and men have unfurled umbrellas to shield themselves from the downpour of God’s Clouds. But the shower will reach even their dry hearts.”
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