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Governments Should Be Pro-Life and Promote Veganism, October 11, 2021

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Host: On Monday, October 11, while still in an intensive meditation retreat for the world, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai put some time aside to speak with Supreme Master Television team members. During the call, Master kindly answered the team’s questions and shared Her wisdom regarding current developments of concern in the United States government.

“Media Report from PBS Oct. 7, 2021: The new Texas law is effectively a ban on almost all abortions in the state. And that’s what the people behind it intended.

Rebecca Parma(f): We’re estimating that between 100 and 150 pre-born children and their mothers are being spared from abortion every day in Texas, while this law is in effect.

Reporter(f): They’ve seen a 70% drop in abortion procedures at clinics across the state compared to last year.”

(After the US Appeals Court allowed the Texas anti-abortion law to continue, Biden vowed to fight for women’s constitutional rights to have abortion and is trying to pass a bill allowing abortions up to the day of birth. How can the American people fight him and promote anti-abortion laws instead?)

The American people have to wake up and fight for it. (Yes.) Actually, it’s not constitutional to have abortions. The Constitution would never have advised the citizens of the United States of America to kill. (Yes, that’s right.) Especially to kill their own people. (Yes.) You know, this law is bad, isn’t it? (Yes. It’s very bad.) […]

Even allow up to the day of the birth. Oh, this is terrible, you’re killing outright babies. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report by 60 Minutes Australia Dec. 9, 2019: When you believe it’s a human being, all abortion is wrong. Abortion is too good a word for it, it is child destruction.

Natalie(f): Most people that I spoke to now, who haven’t dealt with it, don’t realize that you’re presented with a little baby. The same as she would be full-term, just that they’re smaller.

Kid: Hallo again.

Reporter(m): Natalie mourns the girl she never held. Four years on, the pain hasn’t receded; at times the hurt so great, she even thought of ending her own life.

Natalie(f): I really didn’t want to live with the pain anymore, so there was probably times of thinking that I would have rather go and be with her.”

Media Report by ABC News Oct. 1, 2021: A lawyer from Mississippi told us off camera that the state’s position is that the Supreme Court got Roe versus Wade (1973 abortion case) egregiously wrong, and that there’s no fundamental right to abortion in the text of the Constitution. The state tells the justices in court documents that long-standing precedent has ‘…damaged the democratic process, poisoned our national discourse, [and] plagued the law…’ Mississippi also argues that a lot has changed since the 1973 decision: ‘adoption is accessible and on a wide scale, women attain both professional success and a rich family life, contraceptives are more available and effective, and scientific advances show that an unborn child has taken on the human form and features months before viability.’ The state’s attorneys argue, ‘States should be able to act on those developments.’”

The American people have to stand up for it. They have to wake up, wake up, wake up, get together and write something in protest against that, because it’s not constitutional. (Yes. That’s right.) Biden, he just uses the Constitution for anything he wants, including killing babies. It’s up to the Americans. (Yes.) They have to pray to God and they have to find their strength, they have to find their voice to protest it. (Yes. Correct.)

Talking about constitutional rights, the babies are Americans. (Yes.) They are born in America. They’re born from American parents. (Yes.) So they are Americans. The Americans have the constitutional law to be protected, supported and nourished. (Yes, Master.) So, to kill babies is not constitutional. (Right. Understand. Yes.) This is just devil’s talk, and woe to whoever is within that circle of influence by the dark force. They should wake up. They should pray hard to get out of that. Otherwise, they’re doing a great sin to themselves. Whoever supports this abominable abortion law will all go to hell. I am telling you all truthfully. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

Any Americans are protected by the Constitution, means they are American citizens. They have all the right to live in safety and freedom, not to be killed. They are innocent. They’re not even enemies. (Yes.) They’re not making war with Biden or his administration. They’re just babies. (Yes, Master.) One-month-old, two-month-old babies inside the womb or outside the womb, they are babies. […]

And they even want to spend a lot, a lot, a lot of money to pay for that, tax people money to pay for the abortions and even to pay for that abroad as well. (Yes, Master.) Oh, this is terrible. It’s terrible. It’s not morally fit, not even lawfully, that people should go to a party… It’s reported that every Christmas, there are more pregnancies, unwanted ones. (Oh, yes.) They just go party together and get drunk and then do whatever together and then get pregnant. Then some people keep it, some people abort. That is not right. This is not the baby’s fault. (No.) Morally speaking, constitutionally speaking, lawfully speaking, it’s all corrupt, it’s all bad, it’s all wrong. (Yes. Exactly.) It’s all against God as well, spiritually. (Yes, Master.) […]

This guy (Biden) is evil, and his administration, the closer ones, for example Harris and Pelosi, they are the same. […]

They abuse the Constitution, they abuse their power to kill your own people. […]

They’re all demons, all these people, or possessed by demons, whoever decided this or designed this, or supported or stamped it to sign into law. They’re all evil. (Yes.) They’ll all go back to hell and be locked in there forever. They would never be able to see the sun again. That’s what I’m telling you, their fate. […]

What else? […]

“Media Report from MSNBC Oct. 7, 2021: Tonight, what could be a new short-term solution to the looming fiscal disaster. Top Republican Mitch McConnell offering Democrats a deal to allow the government to extend its ability to borrow money to pay its bills for another two months.”

“Media Report by Reuters Oct. 7, 2021: On this vote, the yeas (yes) are 219, the nays (no) are 206.

Reporter(m): The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval by a vote of 219 to 206 on Tuesday to a Senate-passed bill, temporarily raising the government’s borrowing limit to US$28.9 trillion, putting off the risk of a historic default until early December.”

(Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was initially adamant against raising the US debt ceiling, but then helped Democrats pass a temporary raising of it until December 2021. Then he wrote a letter to Biden stating he won’t help raise the debt ceiling anymore and says it’s the Democrats’ job to pass it without Republicans’ help. Is he caving on the issue or is he playing some political game?)

Ah, this guy, he’s always the same. Always the same. You say no and then he will say yes. Play hard to get. (Yes.) To make himself more powerful, more like a decision maker. (Yes, Master.)

Originally, he could not help the whole thing. After, he said adamantly that he will not, because, because, because. And then later, he caved in, because maybe somebody bribed him. (Oh, wow.) Either financially or verbally or promising something. (Oh, maybe.) Political anyway. (Yes, Master.) He doesn’t care about the ceiling or not ceiling. He couldn’t even tell the ceiling from the floor. He doesn’t care.

This guy, I told you, he ping-pongs all the time. He flip-flops all the time. I told you before. (Yes, Master.) And he plays the same game again. Always plays hard to get. And then later, gives, so people would feel more awe, or respect, or give in to him. […] (Got it.) It’s just a game. The reason he says he wrote a letter to Biden, is because some of the Democrats slammed him, did not praise him for helping halfway. (Yes.) He helped the Democrats, they were stuck.

Even their own Democrat members did not vote for the ceiling (suspension). (Yes.) And the US$3.5 trillion bill.

Until at the end when they’re already wading in deep water, and then of course McConnell came in for the rescue, like usual. (Yes.) Until finally when McConnell already said that they can vote for it, like a temporary solution, only until December, it’s not like final. You understand? (Understand.) Then they voted for that. Just like a compromise. (Yes.)

In the beginning, he beat them, and then later he gives them a balm. (Yes.) It’s the same all the time. […]

I have never been interested in all this mess. It’s just for the sake of the lives of others. (Yes, understand.) Especially for the Americans and the babies that I cannot just turn a blind eye on. (Yes, Master. Understand.) My heart just pains so much that I have to scream out like this. Otherwise, I mostly never interfere in anything. (Yes.) I never talk about this kind of politics stuff. Unless it concerns something greater than that. […]

What is the debt ceiling all for, anyway? If you know? (Well, it’s the limit set by Congress on how much money the U.S. government is allowed to borrow to pay its debts. The government spends more than it earns in taxes, so every so often, Congress raises the debt ceiling, so that the government can borrow enough to cover everything.)

What for they want so much? (The money goes to paying the American public ‒ like soldiers’ salaries, Social Security pensions, medical aid, child tax credits, and veterans’ benefits. And also to pay for the government’s past spending decisions.

But at the same time, they’re also planning on future spending, like the two new bills.) Yeah. (One of the things they have is for climate change infrastructure, things that would deal with flooding due to climate change for example.)

And what else? (And they have social programs for pre-kindergarten,) Oh, OK. (for housing…) Ah! OK, OK. OK. I got it. It’s all talk. How can any infrastructure prevent the flood? […]

You build the dike all over the country, everywhere? Because God doesn’t tell you where He’s going to flood next. (That’s right.) It is all karma. All the meat-eating diet. I told you, if people eat vegan, ther e’s no need to spend any penny. (Yes.) […]

No matter how many dikes, how many dams you build, the flood never can be stopped if we don’t stop our violent lifestyle, like killing animals, killing all kinds of things to eat, and killing babies as well, up to the birth date. My God! This is evil to the ultimate. (Yes, Master.)

And social, what did you say again? (Social programs.) Ah, for pre-kindergarten! (Yes.) Oh! There will be no more babies left to go to kindergarten if they kill all these babies! […]

And what else they want to say? (For housing.) Housing. How can people afford housing when they could not even have food to eat? (Yes.) There are food shortages and food prices are sky high. […]

It’s all useless, all nonsense, all excuses to boast, to play big. (Yes.) […]

“Fox News Interview Oct. 14, 2021: Indiana Congressman Jim Banks, Republican Study Committee Chairman, went after the Democrats’ bill as ‘mind-blowingly corrupt.’ He listed 42 ways the Committee says the measure will ‘wreck’ the nation.

Jim Banks(m): When you dig into it, you find things like billions of dollars to fix what they call ‘racist’ roads and bridges. Which is crazy, I don’t even know what that means. Creating a climate police department or a militia to go out and enforce Green New Deal policies at the federal level. Not just giving free college education to illegal immigrants, but giving them child tax credits as well, to those who come here illegally. This bill will shut down your daycare, because daycares will now have to hire college educated employees, so you probably won’t be able to afford the daycare that you go to, or will have to shut down altogether. And then, on top of that, US$700,000 first-time fines for your employer if they don’t abide by the Biden vaccination mandate. So, each and every one of these reasons alone (US$700,000!) are reasons to vote against it, but overall it’s just a dangerous bill.”

That’s why even the Democrats did not vote for this bill. (Yes.) Because they use money for that, this, and warring with their own people. (Yes.) Killing babies who cannot even defend themselves. (Exactly, Master.) […]

So, if the bill is really good for social benefit, then they would have voted for it, even before the bill was born. […]

For me, any bill can pass, if it’s truly helpful to the social system to help the citizens, to help the poor, the needy, the homeless. (Yes.) And the students who are poor, who cannot afford university. For me, any bill that benefits all these people can pass. (Yes, Master.) And pass quickly. It’s just that they use it for harmful things and for things that are not really logical. (Yes, Master.) […]

Maybe they should still pass the bill. […] Except they have to cut out the one for abortion, cut out anything for war. (Yes, Master.) And use that to promote vegan. (Oh, yes, that’s a good idea.) (Yes, Master.) And then it will be all peaceful and the weather will be beneficial again. (Yes, Master.) […]

If we do not abide by the law of God, and be compassionate, benevolent and take care of each other on this planet, including protecting humans and animals, then, we can never build anything against God’s power.

If you go on killing Hiers creation ‒ humans, babies in the womb or up to the day of birth, and killing animals in billions like that, per week even, then, no matter what we build, no matter how we reinforce with steel, God power can take it all away. We just have to move away from violence in any case, in any type, in any kind, and return to our original loving nature. Only then, we can keep everything that God granted us and blessed us with. […]

(With Biden being a bad US President, if he was removed before his term is done, the next in succession for the Presidency is Vice President Harris, and then followed by House Majority Leader Pelosi. Would Harris or Pelosi be better than Biden as a President?)

No. No. Absolutely not. They are the same, they are the same game. They’re the same pack. (Yes, understand.) Maybe even worse. (Wow.) All three of them should go. At least three. There are a couple more within the Democrats who are damaging the Democrats’ reputation. But I cannot name them right now. (Yes, understand, Master.) I have to have evidence, I cannot just… But you can see they didn’t do anything good up to now. (Yes.)

Harris, before, she supported bailing out these arsonists, looters, who used the protest excuse to burn people’s houses and burn people’s businesses, and looting people’s property and all that. She helped bail them all out. (Yes, that’s right.) But they got caught again, anyway. […]

She should have let the court decide it. (Yes, Master.) Not just using her power to bail out the people who are not yet in the clear picture whether or not they’re innocent. (Yes. OK, Master.) Because that’s concerning the safety of many other citizens. (Yes, Master.)

And then Pelosi, all of them, are supporting these abortions. […]

None of them are good. All of them should be gone yesterday already. […]

And you asked me about Pelosi, whether or not she could be a better President successor than Biden. No, no. She’s the same. They’re all in it together. And even the pope received her. For what reason?

What for Pelosi wants to see the pope? You tell me. She’s for abortion. It’s all over on the news. And the pope is supposed to be against abortion. So what does she want to seek from him? Consolidation for her power, position? And the pope received her so that he’s also consolidated in his, position? My goodness. Don’t we have any more ethics, morals, anywhere at all? Beginning even from the biggest church in the world?

Dear God, please, holy God, please save us from all this evil. They’re working together to kill Your children, Your unborn children even. Holy God, bless You, my Lord. Bless You. We must be terrible, painful for You. Bless You.

If the Americans are going to get better, Trump would be the best. (Yes. We agree.)

“Media Report from PBS Trump(m): Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb, moments from birth. These are living, feeling, beautiful babies, who will never get the chance to share their love and their dreams with the world. […] Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life. […] And let us reaffirm a fundamental truth: All children, born and unborn, are made in the holy image of God. […]”

I said to you many times. (Yes.) At least he will not kill your babies. (Yes, Master.) He will not use the tax money just to go out and bomb other people. (No.) OK. […]

(Earlier, Master talked about the vegan [promotion] in the budget as well. So, can the world ever unite to pass a vegan law?)

[…] Can, they can. All the leaders just have to sit together and sign it. Meat ban, fish ban, all animal products ban. Very simple, they can do it. […]

All the money that you can save from war, you can use it to educate people. To put it on billboards, to put it on television, to pay for newspapers to print all that to educate people. And give young children free vegan meals every day, and teach them why. Then the next generation will be pure vegan. (Yes. Ah, yes.) Then our world will be a paradise. (Yes. Wonderful.)

It’s easy. It’s doable. (Yes, it is.) Simple, just be vegan and then our world will change. Climate will change, everything will be so beautiful, so smooth, and so comfortable for all the humans and animals on this planet. Things will be in abundance. Water will be pure. Air will be clean. These are the most important things, they don’t take care. They just bicker with each other. Just for power, short-lived power. […]

Why don’t they just spend time to repent, to think of God, to learn something more virtuous and moral and God-like, so that they can prepare for their long journey to Heaven? Or ‒ maybe they choose hell. […]

All right, love, I just want to thank you for everything. All of you. (Thank You, Master.) Not everyone can hold on like that. (Thank You, Master.) You got to be tough. There are temptations, there is testing all the time.

You are testing me all the time. Testing my patience. Testing my intelligence, all kinds of resolutions I have to think of. OK, just joking. It’s all right, it’s all right. It’s all right. […]

Anyway, thank you, all of you. Really, I appreciate it very much. I thank you for eating while you’re working, or just eating quickly and have to run back to the office, or eating only half and then have to dig yourself into the work. Not dig in the bowl, but digging into your computer.

Thank you, thank you. (How do You know that, Master?) Master knows everything! (Yes.)

I mean, just sometimes eating only halfway and then urgent, you know? (Yes.) Urgent times, so you have to go to your computer, and dig into the computer instead of dig into your vegetables. (Yes.) Sometimes you even want to take a shower but have to wait, you know? (Yes.) And have to bear your smell.

I know everything. What do you think? I do the same, no? (Like Master, like disciples.) That’s why I know. (Yes, Master.) There is no secret, no mystery about it. I can never thank you enough. It’s just now and then, now and then make sure you know that I thank you. (Oh, it’s much appreciated.)

(Thank You, Master, for bearing it all. Thank you for your dedication.) You try your best, OK? But your best is not always my best. Not always. (Yes, understand.) It’s good already, very good, very good. God bless you. God bless you. (God bless Master too.) […] Thank you very much, truly, from my heart. […]

Host: Our deep gratitude to Beloved Master for Your unconditional love and assistance for the world. We pray that Your wholehearted, determined efforts and sacrifices will turn humans, and primarily all government leaders, toward more compassionate and conscientious living as our single way out of a troubled future. May those with awakened hearts be the beacon of light for others, and thus help to establish a peaceful planet where all lives, human and animal, are valued. Wishing Caring Master to be always well and serene, supported by all Benevolent Godses.

To find out why even the freest societies should never allow Satanic practices, plus other insights from Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Saturday, October 30, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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