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Food Activism Through Vegan Fusion Cooking With Chef Mark Reinfeld (vegan), Part 3 of 3



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Today, we continue featuring Chef Mark Reinfeld who has over 20 years of experience preparing innovative plant-based and raw food cuisine. He is not only exceptionally creative in the culinary field, but also passionate about the caring, sustainable vegan lifestyle that helps to heal oneself as well as our beautiful planet. “Choosing plant-based foods is helping our body. It is helping the environment; it is helping the animals. We like to say ‘Healing ourselves, healing the planet!’”

“It would be nice if plant-based foods got the same kind of subsidies and attention that the animal-based ones do; you mentioned organic farmers or small farmers. I think it would level the playing field a lot if either the meat-based [products] didn't get the subsidies that they do, or the plant-based alternatives did because they realize that these are the foods that actually can help promote health. That would be nice to see.”

We will conclude this program with the following loving wish from our Most Beloved and Highly Respected Supreme Master Ching Hai. “I wish the World Vegan, World peace. That’s all I wish. Every day I keep repeating that to Heavens, make sure They hear me to help us. Because without World Vegan, there will not be lasting World Peace. That’s why I ask people to pray and meditate only for World Vegan. And World Peace also comes along.

I would advise all the leaders to save all the money unnecessary, for war for other things that are frivolous spending. Keep their money and just give money to the poor. Give them something to start their lives with business, with education, or with farming, with changing their lives about from meat business to organic vegan business. It’s very easy. And then they would take care of themselves. And the more people are vegan, the fewer government leaders should worry, because they will not be so violent if they have enough work for them to do, to earn their money, to take care of themselves; they would never make any trouble for governments. There will be less suffering, then also less sickness and fewer criminals in the world. Then it’s good for everybody.”
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