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Food Activism Through Vegan Fusion Cooking With Chef Mark Reinfeld (vegan), Part 2 of 3



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Chef Mark Reinfeld has been awarded the Honolulu Advertiser’s I’Lima Award for “Best Restaurant on Kaua’i” for the Blossoming Lotus Restaurant which he co-founded in 2002. “And I chose that name because the Lotus symbolizes the evolution of consciousness. And for me, that plant-based cuisine represented that evolution of consciousness as it applies to food. And so, we had people really bring mindfulness, and gratitude, and love into the recipes that we serve to the public.”

Chef Mark Reinfeld is also the author of numerous books, including: “Vegan World Fusion Cuisine,” “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw,” and the “30-Minute Vegan” series: the original “30-Minute Vegan,” and “Taste of the East,” “Taste of Europe,” and “Soups On!” Mark also wrote “Learn the Art of Massage,” “Healing the Vegan Way” and his latest publication: “The Ultimate Age-Defying Plan.” Vegan World Fusion Cuisine is a guide to living harmoniously not only with Earth's precious beings but with nature and the environment.

Chef Mark Reinfeld’s most recent books “The Ultimate Age-Defying Plan: The Plant-Based Way to Stay Mentally Sharp and Physically Fit,” and “Healing the Vegan Way: Plant-Based Eating for Optimal Health and Wellness” have been very well received and helping the awareness of the plant-based diet in the medical profession. “There's such a growing awareness in the medical community. More and more doctors are coming on board, and doctors who are running hospital systems.”

“The latest books, the “Healing the Vegan Way” and “The Ultimate Age-Defying Plan,” they have contributions from a lot of the leading plant-based medical doctors and nutritionists.” “We have a strong emphasis on using whole-food, plant-based ingredients. But we like introducing them, just to show people the potential: you can really create plant-based (foods) in a way where they taste just as good. And for me, I think they taste even better.”

For decades, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been advocating the vegan way of living as the only way to eradicate major chronic diseases and natural disasters. “We all want to have a peaceful world and we all talk about how we want peace and love. Well, I think we should start it now and let peace begin on our plates. Let love begin with our choice. All the benefits of a vegan diet cannot be overstated. And now there is a spiritual aspect also.”
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