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Bob Isaacson’s (vegan) Insights on The Buddha’s Love of Animal Kingdom People, Part 1 of 2



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Bob Isaacson is the co-producer of the film “Animals and the Buddha,” and President and Co-founder of Dharma Voices for Animals. We are privileged to hear Mr. Isaacson share with us about how the idea for the film originated. “We started in 2010, a little over 10 years ago, Dharma Voices for Animals. We can call it DVA. Now, we're very involved in Asia in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand. Our message of stop eating animals, be vegetarian, and also to not harm animals. It was just about getting our message out on vegetarianism and veganism to Buddhist communities around the world. And we thought film was the best way.”

Let’s have a little peek at the preview of this noble film. “The essence of His teachings, called the Dharma, was articulated in the Four Noble Truths, where He taught the path to the end of all suffering. Central to these teachings was an important notion that the Dharma is not just about humans; rather it includes all of the beings who share the Earth.” “So, I'm sure we’ve had over a million people watch it at one time or another. And, as you know, the film has been translated into 12 languages, including Chinese and Spanish and all of the major Asian languages.”

“And what really struck me was the Buddhist message of universal compassion. I'm a lay teacher by the way, also lay Buddhist teacher for about 14 years now. And so that first precept I just recited it in Pali language that precept specifically says don't harm. And it means don't harm a sentient being – any sentient being. So, when we’re biting into, chewing and swallowing an animal's body, you’re certainly part of the process, the animal’s being killed for us. And then there’s also, I want to mention, it’s not only the precepts, but also the teaching of compassion. This is a clear message.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Mr. Bob Isaacson and Dharma Voices for the Animals (DVA), with a humble contribution of US$10,000 as a token of loving support for their noble work in promoting Buddhist teachings of compassion for the noble people of the animal kingdom. May Buddha always bless you and protect you every day.”

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