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Joan Ranquet (vegan) on Telepathic Communication with Animal-People Companions, Part 1 of 2



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Ms. Joan Ranquet is an American animal-people communicator, an author, and the founder of the Communication with all Life University. “So the way that I teach animal communication is telepathy, which is the transference of pictures, words and feelings. Basically we've been doing telepathy since we were born. And as we learned language, we started to let go of our understanding of the pictures, words and feelings. But our animals, they're all communicating with each other telepathically. But the real way that they are communicating to each other is through telepathy. And so, once we have a basic understanding of telepathy, then we are able to communicate, get a sense of what they're sending us.”

“I was very aware of being super connected to horses, to the dogs, and cats and even plants. In 1989, I got a horse, and she was absolutely my soulmate horse. I loved her more than anything in the world. So, she was really like my spiritual teacher.”

Joan found that communicating with Pet One during that time was very important, especially as she was undergoing surgeries. Joan had been learning interspecies communication and ways to open herself up to this capability through an animal-people communication teacher, and from insights she gained from a Native American. Their telepathic communication became invaluable once Pet One ascended to Heaven, leaving her baby in Joan’s loving care. “One of my stories that I tell in my book is, this woman came to me with two dogs that were grieving. And the dog told me that he wasn't grieving, and he was sad but that he was also really worried about the youngest daughter, that she was really struggling with her homework. And when they got the daughter tested, they found out she was dyslexic. She got the help she needed and the dog was fine. They can see what we're struggling with, and can help us release that.”

“And when we start to recognize those souls individually, the world will start to look at things like being kinder and being more vegan. So, I feel like they're really, leading the charge here for us to be better humans.”
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