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Esther Bertram (Vegan) - CEO & Creative Entrepreneur - Reconnecting with Our Innate Nature and Bridging Communities Through Veganism, Part 2 of 2



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The vegan cooperative “IN VEGANS WE TRUST” is an online hub created by Esther, a “facilitation space” to boost vegan businesses and services. Esther stated on the company’s website: “It’s actually a win-win-win-win situation because it’s winning for the vegans, winning for the vegan businesses, winning for the team members who are participating, and winning for the animals.”

For IN VEGANS WE TRUST, all the money spent supports vegan products or services without jeopardizing any animal’s wellbeing. Esther believes the cooperative serves to shift meat eater's thinking about veganism, making it easier for them to transition. “So we have a vegan marketplace, a vegan school, a vegan community, and an e-zine, which is an electronic magazine where we bring vegan content together. So, on the community, members can find vegan house shares, vegan coupons, and accommodation. They can sell things. Marketplace is perfect for service providers as well as product makers. So if somebody was a babysitter and they're vegan, they could list their services. And the drive behind it is to facilitate a space to boost the vegan economy.”

Being empathic and deeply caring, Esther encourages others to try their best to be more aware of themselves and their surroundings. “IN VEGANS WE TRUST” provides teaching opportunities for vegans with talented skills to start a vegan business. If you need a job, the company lets you find a suitable job within the vegan community.

Before her vegan enterprises, Esther graduated from Southern Cross University, Australia, with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in music composition and media. She has utilized her artistic skills for her book “November Fox,” which took about five years to complete. “I've written most songs in my life about life and love.” In many ways, her songs are connected to veganism because vegans choose not to eat animals for the love they have toward them. “My wish for the planet is that consciousness continues to awaken and light up the world. And that because of that, it becomes a world where kindness becomes stronger and stronger. Kindness towards ourselves, kindness towards the animals, the planet, and each other. Be a hero, be vegan, save the world.”

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