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Shining World Compassion Award: Woodfield Animal Sanctuary

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In 2013, Robbie Bartington and David Wallis moved to Gower in South Wales, United Kingdom, to retire with only a few animal-individuals on their property. That soon changed much to both their surprise!

“We came here to retire, we’d been here about six months, and we could see that there was a need for a sanctuary because there was so many wild, feral ponies on the moors and mountains that were being neglected. And a lot of them have been abandoned there by their owners. So we took a few in, and then gradually, very quickly, it became known that we were taking ponies in and they then started arriving at our gate, quite large numbers too it started with a trickle and then very quickly came to, large numbers.”

“We had so many rescue ponies coming into us and then starting to rescue unwanted lambs. We realized that we had a challenge, we'd have to try and build more stables and build more fields and paddocks and so many things needed to be done.”

Woodfield Sanctuary offers people an opportunity to share their love for people from the animal kingdom by volunteering on the sanctuary. The volunteers can stay on the farm or work short hours per week assisting with all the errands, maintenance and repair work needed, and naturally assisting with taking care of all the lovely animal-people that have been rescued, healed, and homed by the sanctuary.

Upon hearing about this loving haven for animal-people, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gladly present Woodfield Animal Sanctuary with the Shining World Compassion Award along with US$15,000 in humble support of your caring work, with many thanks and lots of love, in God’s mercy. May you and your adored residents be abundantly blessed by the Divine.”

“Dear David and Roberta, now we would like to present you with a donation from Supreme Master Ching Hai, US$15,000 in honour to your glorious work for the beautiful animal-people and for making this planet a better place for everybody. Thank you.”
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