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A Memorable Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 8 of 8

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The next song is “Remembering Master’s Grace at the Moon Festival.” "(On this beautiful and peaceful night of the Moon Festival, the moon is full and families come together. Lanterns and colored banners are everywhere to celebrate this beautiful night. Oh! My Master, let us sing in joy. On this warm and beautiful night, joyously we come together. We clap our hands, clap our hands, to celebrate this happy occasion. Together we wish our great Master a happy Moon Festival. Oh, my Master, thank You. Because You are here, we can rejoice tonight, hand in hand, heart to heart, coming together from all corners of the world and unite our efforts. Oh, my Master, we love You. You are the great Loving Mother to all beings on Earth. Dear Master, from our hearts we sing, Your immense Grace to us will always be remembered throughout our lives. Oh, my Master, we forge ahead, hand in hand. May our great Master be healthy and happy!)"

"(May our greatest Queen of the Universe be always healthy and happy! Be it in or out of the universe, Master’s Love and manifestations are everywhere. Let us again give a warm applause to thank Master for hosting this joyful Moon Festival party.)"

OK. We have come to the end of today’s programs. Thank you for watching and for your patience. Let’s give our time to Master now. Thank you very much. "Thank you. Thank you for your love. You always sing songs that make me cry, losing tears."

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