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A Memorable Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 6 of 8

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Folk art performance. The first performance is the hula hoop. Let’s clap to welcome them. The first part shows the technique. “Terrific. Terrific, terrific” Followed by a demonstration of waist hooping skill. Swing the hoop and your body aches will disappear. It can also help you lose weight. “Liberation in this lifetime; no need to swing anymore.” Next is leg hooping. “Wonderful! Awesome, awesome. The kids from Kaohsiung are good.”

Next is the diabolo performance. This is the traditional folk acrobat. The first trick is called “ants climbing up a tree.” The second trick is called “the spider’s web.” “That’s wonderful!” “The kids practice every day. Wonderful!” This is called diabolo throwing. “Terrific, terrific.” It flies 500 meters into the air. “Wow! Such mastery of the art.” OK. The eighth trick. The brilliant “roc spreading its wings.” “Oh! ‘The roc spreading its wings.’ Oh! Great. That’s wonderful. Terrific, awesome, superb.” “Thank you, Kaohsiung, for the outstanding acrobatic display.”

OK. Now we will have a zither performance by our female Quan Yin Messenger. “Just now I said that our monks and nuns are more talented. Do you know why? Why do they always perform better than you? It’s because they live together, and have more collective ideas! You lay people live in scattered places. It’s not easy to find someone with the required talent. Talented people go to work, and working people are usually not well off. You may find one, but the other is not available. It’s more difficult to form a group. It is not easy to get things done. That’s the reason. It’s not that you’re not talented. nor is it that they’re better than you. Living together here allows them greater convenience. This is the only secret. This is the difference between you and them. Because they don’t have to go to work, they can drop anything anytime and start on something else. Very convenient. That’s all. I am making a fair statement.”

We thank the female Quan Yin Messenger for her splendid performance. “Not bad. How long have you practiced? Eighteen years?” “Bitter wait in the cold kiln.” “It’s pleasant to the ear, but too difficult.”

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