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Spirit and Soul: Selections from “The Perfect Way or the Finding of Christ” by Dr. Anna Kingsford (vegetarian), Lecture 3, Part 2 of 2



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The Third Lecture The Various Orders of Spirits and How to Discern Them Part III

“When regeneration is fully attained, the Divine Spirit alone instructs the hierophant. ‘For the gates of His city shall never be shut; there shall be no night there; the night shall be no more. And they shall not need the light of the lamp, because the Lord God shall enlighten them.’ The Prophet is a man instructed by His angel. The Christ is a man married to His Spirit. And He returns out of pure love to redeem, needing no more to return to the flesh for His own sake. Wherefore He is said to come down from Heaven. For He has attained, and is a Medium for the Highest.”

“In the celestial plane, all things are personal. And therefore the bond between the soul and spirit is a person. But when a man is what is mystically called ‘born again,’ he no longer needs the bond which unites him to his Divine Source. The genius, or flame, therefore, returns to that Source; and this being itself united to the soul, the genius also becomes one with the two. For the genius is the Divine Light in the sense that he is but a divided tongue of it, having no isolating vehicle. But the tincture of this flame differs according to the celestial atmosphere of the particular soul. The Divine Light, indeed, is white, being Seven in One.”

“The voice of the angel-genius is the voice of God; for God speaks through him as a man through the horn of a trumpet. He may not be adored; for he is the instrument of God, and man's minister. But he must be obeyed; for he has no voice of his own, but shows the will of the Spirit.”

“…the knowledge appertains to the Greater Mysteries, and is reserved for those who have fulfilled the conditions requisite for initiation therein. Of those conditions the first is the complete renunciation of a diet of flesh, the reason being fourfold, – spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical, – according to the fourfold constitution of man. This is imperative. Man cannot receive, the Gods will not impart the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven on other terms. The conditions are God's; the will is with man.”

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