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Climate Solution: A Revealing Documentary by United in Heart, Part 4 of 4

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On today’s program we present an interview with Mr. Arvin Paranjpe, who explains the three greatest environmental threats facing humanity today. “In 1992, there were three environmental threats to humanity that were identified, and they are: biodiversity loss, ecosystems collapse, and climate change. Biodiversity and ecosystems sustain us. They produce oxygen. They ensure that there's water flowing through the water cycle so we have fresh water, and they ensure that we have healthy soils.” “Vegan reforestation is reforesting (the) extra land made available by switching to veganism. The standard American diet requires 10 to 13 times more land than the vegan diet, and our animals consume about 50% of the grain on Earth. So, if we switch to a vegan diet, we will free up 35% of the usable land area on Earth. And if we reforest a substantial portion of this land, we will remove a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

“I think that we are living in very scary times. And I would just say to people, ‘Continue to have faith, have faith in yourself, have faith in humanity, and have faith in your spiritual teacher.’ In Hinduism, we have this concept of ‘Sraddha,’ which means both ‘faith’ and ‘resolve.’ And I think that we have nothing to worry about if we have the faith and we have the resolve to carry out the teachings of the great gurus of humanity. And in fact, I believe that we're going to undergo what I call the ‘twin renaissances,’ which is the regeneration of the natural world and the renaissance of the human spirit.”

Citing the many climate-related disasters our Earth is experiencing, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai frequently reminds us about the imminent dangers of climate change and shares the simplest and most effective solution -- the organic vegan diet. “In short, simply saying ‘No’ to meat will make us richer, healthier, and most importantly, it will make us a wiser person, and a great hero. Because it is the only timely way that we ensure the survival of our children and grandchildren.” “The foremost being vegan diet, the vegan diet, to safeguard our precious planet. It is time to walk the talk, because there is not much time left now.”

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