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Climate Solution: A Revealing Documentary by United in Heart, Part 2 of 4

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On today’s program we continue with the second segment of “United in Heart: Hunger & Climate Solutions.” “If we want to solve climate change, we need to understand tree planting is only half the story. So, let me share with you a couple video clips taken from scientific presentations. These clips explain how diet and rainwater conservation activate Earth's regenerative life forces.”

Forests play a critical role in halting climate change. Living trees, their ground cover and even the soil in a forest draw massive amounts of CO2 out of Earth’s atmosphere. The term “carbon stock” means the amount of CO2 that has been sequestered from the atmosphere and is now being stored within the living biomass of the forest ecosystem. “So, you can see how the dense land carbon stock corresponds to the forest. This is the Amazon, this is the Congo, the two major tropical forests still left. But they are being eaten right now as we speak, by our farmed animals.”

“To Sailesh's point, a 2019 publication in Science indicates that if we add one trillion trees to the earth, we'll cut the atmospheric carbon pool by 25 percent. But deforestation is outpacing reforestation. Sadly, we're clearing one acre per second of Amazon rainforest to make room for our animal agriculture.” “This is how much land is being used to raise livestock: 45% of the entire land mass on Earth. It's simply terribly inefficient. You can produce 15 times more protein from plants as you can from meat on any given area of land.”

“Let's face it. We are ignoring our children’s basic needs. The World Health Organization reported that six million children starved to death in 2009 alone. I know it’s uncomfortable, but we need to ask ourselves how we can help. I believe the braver our food and communication goals, the more of a difference we can make. Not only for the impoverished black, brown and tan children of the global south in the east, but for all children, by helping us prevent the worst effects of climate change.”

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