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Humanity’s Leap to the Golden Era: Washington, D.C., Climate Change Conference, Part 7 of 17, November 8, 2009

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Dr. Peter Carter (vegan): “I want to thank you all for coming out here from the bottom of my heart, and the reason is this: We hear increasingly that global climate change is the greatest threat to the survival of civilization and indeed humanity, but that’s not quite right. The greatest threat is the denial. The denial is huge. There are powerful forces behind it, still confusing and misleading people. So you people coming out and showing that you are breaking through the denial yourself, and you’re facing the reality of what we all face, and our children, is the best news there is and the best hope there is.”

“The Golden Era, which in fact we have no choice but to leap to it... the Golden Era is a zero-carbon era, that’s what the scientists are telling us. There are three essentials that we have to achieve, and we can achieve these three all together. First is what most people call renewable, but it’s perpetual, you see? Perpetual nonpolluting zero-carbon energy.” “Second, sufficient zero-carbon nonpolluting food for all.” “Third, is that we have to create world peace.” “And this time we have to change our world to save our Earth. There’s something missing, obviously. We all know how bad this is, so there’s some missing ingredient in how we deal with this at our political levels and everything. Well, the first is the denial again. We’ve got to face the situation.” “So that’s the first thing. Well, obviously we have to have a compassionate culture. We have to create a compassionate culture as the Dalai Lama and all the spiritual leaders, indeed, Supreme Master Ching Hai, say is the essential.”

Hostess: “It looks like, if we want to save our planet, we will have to change our lifestyle. An organic, vegan diet would definitely resolve many of the problems our world is facing today. Yes. It is getting easier to be a vegan.”

Larry Falkin (Veg Advocate): “And not only does eating less meat significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it also helps people be healthier, helps people save money; it does all of those objectives.”

Dr. Toon Hermans. MD (Veg Advocate): “We have made a very, very important decision: We go for veggie! And veggie means that we will encourage our citizens to have less meat. And why do we make this important political choice? It is important for the health to eat less meat, but also for the environment. We know that the production of meat gives significant environmental problems.”

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