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Between Master and Disciples

The Story of Master Confucius and Xiang Tuo, Part 10 of 13, Mar 10, 2021

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Once we are in a human body, we are bound to have other kinds of qualities that are attached to us. Bad qualities also, like ego and stuff like that, arrogance. So beware. (Yes.) Beware of your shortcomings, of some bad influence that enters your mind. Go pray, go meditate immediately. (Yes, Master.) And pray for protection.

Once we are in a human body, we are bound to have other kinds of qualities that are attached to us. Bad qualities also, like ego and stuff like that, arrogance. So beware. (Yes.) Beware of your shortcomings, of some bad influence that enters your mind. Go pray, go meditate immediately. (Yes, Master.) And pray for protection.

Because that’s when you know the demons wanted to attack you. Learn the lesson from Ananda. (Yes, Master.) If you think you can be stronger and “bigger-shot” than Ananda, then please think again. Even if you are, we are in the bad period of the world, of the planet. The karma is all over and sometimes it’s very oppressive to your soul, to your mind. So, please always be vigilant. Got that? (Yes, Master.)

And I love you, always, and I appreciate you, I respect you. (We love You, Master. Thank You, Master.) And very, very, very grateful to you. Not everyone can do what you do. But don’t be too proud of that. Just be grateful that you are able to live in this turbulent world and continue to do your noble job. Be grateful that you can be that noble, that dedicated, and that loving and kind to the world, and that able to help the world. Always be grateful. Not proud, not proud. (Yes, Master.) Because we are blessed, that’s why we can do it. OK, my love? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

My sweethearts! My honeypies! Who cares? Who cares? Who cares who says what? But I’m not in love with any of you, so please don’t think of anything. Do not dream about it. I’m in love with your good qualities, with your nobility, with your sacrifice, with your comrade-like spirit – working like a team with me. I’m in love with that. I’m not in love with your human appearance or any other… whatever people think that is attractive. Got that? (Yes, Master.)

That’s all. (Yes.) And nothing else. Nothing else, God knows. God knows, Heaven knows, I can’t hide from that. I really love you, guys. (Thank You, Master.) (We love You, Master.) Very pure love, the purest-possible-you-can- imagine love. I would die for you, that kind of love, if I have to. (Thank You, Master.) But that’s it, nothing else. Just for the other people outside to know. You know already, but it’s for other people, in case they think nonsense, or sue me, or whatever, or fire me from my seat, if they can.

Lucky I’m not a government official, nobody can fire me. But I want to fire myself sometimes. Take a break or something, but I cannot when people are still suffering, animals are still tortured, daily, and I am still crying for them. Oh, my love. Any other question now? (No, Master.) Good. Then, we go into some of the stories, you want? (Yes, Master.) We are talking about bedtime stories, but now you are all awake, right? Because of the problems in the world that we are trying to help with, to solve.

Now, there is a story about Confucius and a person named… Hạng Thác. I don’t know how to translate that. Maybe if you have a dictionary, or Google, you can find out. Hạng Thác. H like hotel, A apple, N November, G like God, with a dot under… dấu nặng (drop tone), dot under the A. And then Thác: T tango, H like holy, A like Almighty, C like what? (Car.) Car? OK, car it is. Yes, why not. We mix the holy with the… I have made an alphabet about the spiritual terms, but I forgot, I don’t use it often, forgive me. All right, because we had the story before about many questions from Alexander the Great, remember, (Yes, Master.) the emperor, and so, there is another kind of question-answer story about Confucius and another person.

I think I wear my glasses now. If I can find it. Yes, I can. Oh no! Oh no, not true. I thought I prepared it, but I didn’t. Where’s my glasses? I will have to try to read without glasses. Last time I could, just a little bit blurred. Because I look into the screen, it’s so bright, and that’s why it’s blurred also. I’m trying now. My glasses, I can’t believe it. Oh, how can it be? The room is so small and you could even lose something! All right, never mind.

“Confucius and Hạng Thác.” “During one of Confucius’ tour around various countries with the horse carriage.” Ah man! I don’t have the glasses, I hope I can read. It’s kind of blurred right now. I just have to toss it, turn it around, see which is a better position. Can. Very, very blurred but can read.

“One time when Confucius was journeying around to maybe lecture or see his disciples on a horse carriage in different countries. One time, he and his entourage went on a road that led into a town, and then they saw a small boy was building like a small little citadel across the street to stop cars and people, that’s what the purpose was. So, Confucius asked him, ‘Hey! Little boy, you saw my horse carriage, why you don’t move away?’ He stayed in front of the road, in the middle. So the small boy bowed to Confucius as a respectful greeting and then very dignifiedly answered him. ‘I heard people say that You are Confucius, who is very versed in Heaven and earth’s knowledge. And also, You know everything about humans’ morals and principles, etc. But today I met You in person and I feel like those rumors about You are not correct.’”

Whoa! You hear me well? (Yes, Master.) How come you are not “wah!” and “whoa!” nothing? (Wow! Whoa! Wow!) A little boy who dared to challenge Confucius, saying that he doesn’t believe what people said about Him, that He’s a wise man. And you didn’t “wow,” nothing? “Wow” again! (Wow! Whoa!) All right. Let’s see what transpired. Because I read it before one time, but I don’t remember anything, not much.

“‘You know why?’ He said, ‘Because from the beginning of the time up till now, only the carriage has to avoid the citadels or the buildings. Nobody has heard that the buildings or the citadel has to avoid the carriage.’” Is that correct? (Yes.) It’s true. (Yes.) He built it with the earth, with soil. But still, it’s a citadel. (Yes.) “So, Confucius was very, very surprised. He asked the little boy again, ‘What is your name?’ So the boy said, ‘My name is Hạng Thác (Xiang Tuo).’” You know what Hạng Thác’s name means in English? Who cares!

“Confucius asked him again, ‘How old are you?’ So the boy said, ‘Sir, I am seven years old.’ So, Confucius was even more surprised, astounded. He asked again, ‘Only seven years old and so intelligent like that?’ So the boy said, ‘Sir, I have heard that there are fish called “cá nở.” That kind of fish, only after three days from birth, they already swim everywhere, naturally and happily. And then the rabbit, only six days after birth, they can already run everywhere on the field and the meadows. I am already born since seven years. How can You say I’m overly intelligent?’” (Wow!) Wow. (Wow! Whoa!) Truly. I wouldn’t be this intelligent. I wouldn’t be able to ask Confucius that way.

Now. “Confucius was beyond Himself with surprise. He was thinking to Himself that He had to give the boy some questions, but difficult questions, to see how intelligent he is.” He is testing his IQ now. As if that was not enough already to scare Him, He wanted to test him further with difficult questions.

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