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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai

Biscotti with Vegan Spread, Sweet & Sour Cucumber, Deep-fried Seaweed with White Rice and Sesame, Part 1 of 2

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“Today we are going to make another simple, nutritious and delicious meal - namely just seaweed, deep-fried, and white rice, sesame. And also, to combine with it, we will have sweet and sour cucumber, carrot. While waiting for the oil to be heated, I’ll prepare some appetizer.”

“These are soya “tranches” (slices). They made it look like those that you are familiar with, except that it’s completely vegan. And you can buy them in a health food store. All you do is just find some biscotti and put it on top. One. Biscotti is a kind of toasted bread. In case you don’t like that, we also prepare herbal cheese, vegan cheese, soya cheese. We spread it on another piece of biscotti like that, as thick as you want.”

“For cucumber, we just use fresh cucumber. You can also use readymade cucumber. Slice it thinly. Chop them into triangle or round, just any way you want. We can add some carrots for color if you like. Decorate it a little bit, make it like a flower. For the sauce, we put like four teaspoons of vinegar is good enough. And then two teaspoons of brown sugar. One teaspoon of salt. We put in like four tablespoons of hot water and mix well together. Now we put the carrot in there for color. It doesn’t have to be. And then the cucumber. And let it standby, until you have your meal ready; you can add it into your rice dish, together with the deep-fried seaweed.”

“Now we can fry our seaweed. The seaweed, of course, you buy in the supermarket. It’s very thin, like paper. We can cut it into decent pieces, using scissors. Not too long, so it can be easily handled. About your finger size, your finger length is good enough. You cut them into two finger size. And you will use either chopsticks or something to grab the seaweed. You put in only two, three pieces at a time because it will burn very fast. I just cut a few pieces of bell pepper for decoration. Just to make it look good on your plate and appetizing.”

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