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Savory Sauteed Bean Curd Sheets with Persimmon & Vegan Banana Fritters, Part 1 of 2

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“We are going to have a savory meal today and dessert. The savory dish, we need dry bean curd sheet. You can buy them in an Asian shop or some supermarket. And we need some vegan butter, 100% natural without preservatives even. Some raw cashew nuts, not the roasted ones, but raw. And we have some fermented bean curd. We need one big persimmon. You can also have a little ground pepper to taste, optional. And for the dessert, we are going to need some ripe bananas, and we need some wheat flour and a little salt.”

“Now this bean curd sheet is made from soybeans, they make it into soy milk, and then they make it into dry bean curd sheets. We are going to need half of this package. It’s about two ounces. And we have to soak it in hot water to make it soften.

Meanwhile, we can prepare the persimmon. You peel the skin off. This is the very crispy one, not the soft one. This is the crunchy one. Just peel the skin off. Otherwise, you can also eat with the skin, it is just not as smooth. After that, slice the fruit. Slice them into thin slices.

Meanwhile, we check the bean curd sheet, if it is already soft enough. Drain the water. And use your hands to squeeze more water out of it, so it will be not too watery and put it back in the bowl there.”

“Now we prepare the oil. You can use olive oil to fry the tofu and the persimmon or you can use vegan butter, melted butter. Today I use vegan butter, just put one tablespoon of vegan butter into the frying pan. It’s already heated. So, we put the soft bean curd sheets into the pan and sauté it. You can add half a cup of water into it. Heat on low-medium for a while and cover it. You cover it, like one minute or two minutes. Check if it’s tender enough. Very nice. Now I am going to add in the persimmon fruit slices. Now we need like one tablespoon of vinegar. And a few dashes of Maggi, count to 10. A few dashes of ground black pepper. It doesn’t have to be black, of course, as long as it’s that type of flavor. And stir it well together. And now, we add one cube of this fermented bean curd.

After seasoning and everything, we put in a handful of cashew nuts together with the bean curd sheets. Put as much as you want; there you are. You can also sauté the cashew beforehand and make it more flavorful with oil and with vegan butter. But I prefer to just put it in like that, so the cashew will just retain its own taste.”
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