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Experience Heaven on Earth, Part 1 of 9, May 9, 1999

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After seeing a video – Master spoke about the (inner Heavenly) Light, yes, the Light – and from that moment on, I knew that all of my questions would be answered. I also knew that this was, for me, the way to go, the right way.

(Welcome dear [Supreme] Master Ching Hai. Welcome to Holland.) Oh, please sit down. Please sit down. (Are You tired?) I just rushed because the taxi brought me and we went a little wrong way. (OK. We are lucky that You are here, and if You agree, we can have the flower offering for You?) Have they bought the flowers already? We have enough… You have already many but... OK, why not? (I think there are people who are loving to give You some flowers.) All right. Thank you. (I think.) Since they have bought it. (Is there anyone who’d like to give?)

Have they got flowers really? (Oh, there is one.) Thank you. I have requested that, no, not too much, not too much celebration. Please, please. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Please, please. Leave it. Wow, my goodness. Are you going to make a Keukenhof here? Yes, just anywhere. Thank you. (It took a little time but now it comes quickly.) Yes, just tell them to lay it out. Please, please. (Please lay them in front of Master Ching Hai.) Thank you. You talk in Holländisch. (OK.) (Please put the flowers for Master Ching Hai on the podium.) No, tell them to make it quickly. (She cannot take everything.) Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Please. Please, I am very embarrassed. Oh, my goodness. I am very shy. Please make it quick.

(Master Ching Hai, in Holland, this day we call “Mother’s Day,” and we hope that You feel very happy on Mother’s Day in Holland. This is for us a very special day.) Thank you! (So, it means double that You are here, Mother of the Earth.) Thank you. Is the translation OK? Yes. (Yes, it’s OK.) No wonder he doesn’t speak Holländisch. I thought you need to translate. This is very fast. Thank you. Thank you. I wish to make a very special, precious, loving, how to say, prayer to all the mothers in the Netherlands. And thank you for coming. Please.

You don’t need to translate. Oh, I forgot. Can I sit down? Would you please distribute these to all the mothers later? They have translation? (No.) No? (No, I don’t translate in Dutch immediately.) But how is this? What is this? (That is for Aulacese [Vietnamese] and Chinese.) Don’t they make trouble. From the other countries, right? (Yes.) I see. But the Aulacese (Vietnamese) and the Chinese in Holland they all speak Dutch very well.

  1. Now I am going to shock you – I am going to speak Dutch. How are you? That's all. Did you transfer my wish of Mother's Day to all the mothers in the hall? I forgot that today is Mother's Day. Traveling too much, I forgot the time. But it is very nice that we have such a celebration so we can remember our mothers sometimes. Yes, poor mothers. So, how are you? Are you comfortable in your chairs? I think my brother and sister have introduced to you somewhat about the meditation way that we can share with you, so I am just kind of explaining a little further, in case you would like to know and want to hear my beautiful voice. That’s what they say. And when they say something about beautiful, like I am beautiful, I have a beautiful voice, I want to believe it very much.
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