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New Era Community: From the Agni Yoga Series by Nicholas and Helena Roerich (vegetarians), Part 1 of 2

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The esteemed mystical and philosophical writers Nicholas and Helena Roerich are two of the most influential spiritual thought leaders from Russia, recognized for founding the doctrine of Agni Yoga, also known as Living Ethics. Believed to be a synthesis of all yogas (spiritual disciplines), Agni Yoga focuses on the daily practice of Love, Beauty, and noble Action. Traveling extensively throughout Asia to deepen their spiritual studies, the Roerichs eventually met their Master in Darjeeling, India. The ascended Venerated Master Morya, also known as El Morya, is a Master of the Great White Brotherhood, an order of ascended Masters and Their incarnated disciples, one of whom was Helena Blavatsky. And to the Roerichs, He was the inspiration behind all of their noble ideals for the world.

Today, we will explore the beautiful messages to humanity, as inspired by Master Morya and written down by Helena and Nicholas Roerich in the book “New Era Community.” We will learn more about the distinctive characteristics of a new age world or society, where people’s innate Divine talents would blossom in a safe and harmonious environment. “We are dissipating superstition, ignorance and fear. We are forging courage, will and knowledge. Every striving toward enlightenment is welcome. Every prejudice, caused by ignorance, is exposed. Thou who dost toil, are not alive in thy consciousness the roots of cooperation and community?”

“Unity is pointed out in all beliefs as the sole bulwark of success. Better attainments can be affirmed if the unity of coworkers is assured. One may cite a great number of examples when mutual trust among the coworkers helped in lofty solutions. Let people, from home and hearth up to the spatial preordinations, remember about the value of cooperation. The seed of labor withers without the moisture of reciprocity. Let us not look backward too much. We hastening fellow-travelers shall become weary if we jostle each other. We shall realize a beautiful meaning if we can introduce the great concept – friend. Community may consist only of friends.”

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