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Today, I will share with you a story called, “The Great Sacrifice”. “Once upon a time, there was a king who had a teenage daughter named Amelia. One day, the king invited an important guest to the palace for a banquet. He was a highly enlightened saint with immense power; however, when the hermit entered the palace, the princess blocked him because of his humble appearance. Looking at the princess, the hermit was deeply concerned. If she continued behaving this way, how could she be expected to lead her people with compassion? He decided to teach her a lesson before it was too late. But the hermit had a greater plan for the princess. He said to her: ‘The spell incurred by your own bad karma has been cast and nothing in this world can break it, except your own kind heart. When you turn into a tree, find ways to help others. And when you give your life to others, you will live again.’” 
Princess Amelia was turned into a tree because of her arrogance, and rude behavior towards the poor. She stood alone all by herself at the edge of the forest. Days and months passed, but no one came to the woods. Then one day, she finally prayed in despair. “‘Please God, help me.’ A few days later, two woodcutters arrived. Sitting under Princess Amelia, they talked to each other. ‘My son is very sick, but I can’t afford to get him treatment. What can I do?’ As they were about to leave, they suddenly heard the tree talking. ‘Hey, please don't leave. Listen to me. My wood is very valuable. If you cut me down and sell the wood, you will be able to save your son's life.’” With the money from the wood, the child’s life was saved. 
What happened to Princess Amelia? “Oh, I'm back at the palace, alive and well as myself. Thank God!” And by giving her life for others, she earned her own life back. What goes around comes around. How beautiful is that! Let’s all remember this lesson and try to help others whenever we can.
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