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Knowing God Is the Purpose of Human Life: Selections from “Coloring Our Lives” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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“Actually, how can you explain the sun? It just is. Because it’s ourselves; the Light and the Sound are our essence. You go back to yourself. What else can make you feel better than if you are yourself?” “Going back into our element and realizing ourselves — that’s the best, and that’s all there is. It’s not seeing your own light; you are the Light. It’s not hearing your own sound; you are the Sound. You are the vibration that creates the whole universe. You are that. You are the Commander in Chief of this cosmos. The more you realize that you are that, the more power you have, and the freer you become. Instead of realizing that you are this flesh, you are this fingernail, you are this and that, you realize, ‘No, no, no, I am the Creator. I am the Light; I am the Sound; I am that absolute thing.’”

“Only through the Quan Yin can we get through all kinds of levels of consciousness. That’s why we see many people who meditate on the Light but haven’t yet gotten to the level at which to contact the Sound, and their lives don’t change much. With many kinds of meditation that are on the intellectual level, like asking the meaning of koans (Zen Buddhist riddles), or that focus on a lamp, people see Light also, but their lives don’t change much. Because some Light levels are below the elevating Sound level. Some people meditate on the Light, and in Samadhi, or in moments of extreme concentration, they will also contact the Sound automatically. And at that time, they are also doing the Quan Yin.”

“By practicing the Quan Yin Method, our vibrations become very fast and we feel more energetic, just like young people. We become more alert, able to figure out problems easily, and smart like young people. Therefore, we can say that we become rejuvenated.” “By practicing the Quan Yin Method, we change our spiritual condition, concepts, and wisdom, and also our bodily organs and cells, which become refreshed and purged of toxins. If we have no time to meditate, these changes will not take place. If we are busy working hard for the multitude, or when we are too exhausted, these changes are not discernible. Otherwise, each time we meditate, all our cells are renewed; therefore, we say ‘return to childhood.’ We become younger not only in mentality, but in the body as well. We feel healthier, our body becomes more supple, and our skin more tender. As all toxic substances are eliminated, we look better and better each day.”

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