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Reclaim Your Power of Love and Compassion, Part 7 of 8, Jan. 8, 2021

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Holiday is supposed to be holy. Holiday comes from “holy days.” (Yes.) And people should know better. But instead, they do other things opposite to what the Master taught them. Jesus never asked anybody to kill turkeys to celebrate Christmas. (Yes.) Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, never asked people to kill any animal to feed Him. And now, every holiday, they kill billions of animals just to celebrate the birthday of Christ, for example.

Any… is that your question? (Yes, thank You.) Anymore? (There’s a follow up.) Yeah. (Master, would there be a time in the near future when people’s consciousness would allow them to recognize how Master’s presence and hard work saved our world? Could humanity come one day to a state of worshipping Tim Qo Tu, the Loved Lord of all Worlds?)

They don’t need to worship Tim Qo Tu, they just need to worship God, (Yes.) and worship their own innate God quality. If they’ll just Be vegan, Make Peace, then other good things will come. And then they will think clearly. They will remember God more, they will be maybe more tolerant towards each other’s beliefs, and then the World Peace will be more and more lasting, and the world will become better and better all the time, due to this loving, kind energy and power of compassion. (Yes, Master.) Because these are the powers of God: compassion, love, kindness, mercy. These are the qualities of Heaven. And if you have it within you, imagine how powerful you are. (Yes.) That’s the logic of it. Do you understand now? (Yes, Master.) That’s why I say, it’s not about animals, it’s about you. It’s about us.

We have to reclaim our noble qualities, our high status in Heaven as well as on Earth, starting with on Earth. And then, everything else will come along well. Then, you will remember God more and believe more in God, truly. Not just lip-service, saying, “Oh, God, God this and that,” always saying, “Give me this, give me that,” and not truly believing in God, or worshiping God, or loving God. If you are loving God, or loving a Master with high quality, then, you will have that quality with you. Not that God needs you to love Hirm. (Yes.) Not that the Master needs you to love the Master. It’s just you will be transferred, the quality of the Master, to you. (Yes, Master.) And of course, you cannot have it all at once. But at least, it’s always improving, improving in you. (Yes, Master.) That’s why you become a better person, a better being. And then, that’s why, that’s how you become closer and closer to Heaven, closer to God and a higher level of spiritual wisdom. (Yes, Master.)

Tim Qo Tu, worshipping Tim Qo Tu, don’t have to. If people already are so God-like like that, no matter if they worship or not worship, (Yes.) it will become like their second nature. (Yes.) Then, they will not think that they are worshipping God or loving God anymore. They just do. Just like natural. Just like if you have children, you just love them. You don’t think, “Oh, I am loving my children. Am I not?” If you are in love with a girl or a boy, you wouldn’t question; you know it. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) You love children, you just know it. You love your children, you know it, you don’t question. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know if I answer you so much. Is that enough? (Yes. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome, love.

(Master often reminds us that it’s people’s hearts that must change in order to move quicker toward a completely vegan and peaceful world. Master, will people’s hearts be more receptive and transformed through the World Prayer for World Vegan on Thursdays and Sundays? Or is this a matter that needs other special care and influence?)

Together. Together. (Yes, Master.) When people pray, it has an effect. (Yes.) In a religion, maybe Christian and also Judaism, there are some days that the followers get together or alone at home to pray for somebody, anyone, whether or not they know or not know. There’s someone who has nobody to pray for them. (Yes.) Thương khó. I don’t know how to say that in English. Just the day you pray for those souls who are lost; who have no one, who did not believe in God, or who did not do anything good at all that anybody even remembers them to pray for them. Most people, when you do something good to somebody, then that somebody feels grateful to you. And when you die, or when you have trouble, they pray for you. And then, you will have benefit from that. If you cannot, because some people maybe are too sinful or too forgetful, in life they never worship God or remember God, they don’t know how to pray, they don’t pray in times of trouble. If somebody happens to pray for them when they are in the vulnerable state, then they have the effect of that. That’s why you see in many religions, when you die, or some people die, or in their death time or death day, they invite the priests or the monks to come and pray. (Yes.) But some people don’t have that luxury, some people don’t even know anything about religion. Then, that day, the people in Christianity or in Judaism pray for these kinds of people, whether or not they know them. But if they know you, they pray for you, that would even be better for the prayers, as well as for the “prayees.” (Yes, Master.) Both benefit. But the prayers have more benefit than the “prayees.” It says so in the Buddhist sutra. Like, if you pray and you have merit from the priest’s prayers for you, for somebody, then you have two thirds. And the one, the dying one or the one who is being prayed for gets one third of the benefit. (Yes, Master.) So, both are benefitted. Good that way, good that way. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. It didn’t say so in Christianity though, it says that in Buddhism. Buddha lived long. He lived until 80-something years, so he talked many, many, many days, a lot of lectures.

Also, Jesus talked a lot, too. But after, the Roman authority, they told them to cut many, like meat-eating stuff. So, now we have only some remnants of vegetarian/vegan inside the Bible. Before, Jesus talked a lot about that and even about reincarnation and all that. They cut them all. They didn’t want it. So at that time, some priests had to do it, otherwise they cannot continue their lineage under this kind of authority. (Yes, Master.) It’s a paradox, it’s ironic that now the Christians’ capital is in Rome. (Yes.) Before, they are the ones who persecuted Christians, and now its capital is in their country. You know Vatican? (Yes, Master.) it is in Rome, (Yeah.) in Italy. Did I answer you? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Maybe more, maybe less. OK. Next.

(Master, the holiday seasons are a time when people unite in spirit, feel more oneness than the rest of the year, and more hope and kindness is spread among people. Master, is it the tradition that brings people together or there’s also some special uplifting energy embedded in the celebrated events and occasions?)

Yes and no. Holiday is supposed to be holy. Holiday comes from “holy days.” (Yes.) And people should know better. But instead, they do other things opposite to what the Master taught them. Jesus never asked anybody to kill turkeys to celebrate Christmas. (Yes.) Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, never asked people to kill any animal to feed Him. And now, every holiday, they kill billions of animals just to celebrate the birthday of Christ, for example. (Yes, Master.) Any, many religions are similar. They twisted everything. When the holy things come down to this world, they have been twisted to their liking, (Yes.) to their habit. And then it spreads out, and then others follow, and the religious essence is no more. Now it’s just symbolic. And even worse, worse in the name of God, in the name of Jesus, they kill too many, too many. I don’t know if any Heaven… It’s not logical that any Heaven would tolerate this kind of suffering, would tolerate this kind of torture to other creations of God, other children of God (Yes, Master.) in the different forms.

You can see that on our Supreme Master Television that animals, they have souls, they have intelligence, they have affection, they have love, they have sympathy. They rescue each other, they’re loving each other, even from different species, from stranger to each other. Like the dog rescues a deer, and then, kissing him, licking him until he’s dried and he became conscious again, for example like that. Or even the cat hugging the chicken, the little chicks, let them sleep warm. And even the tiger, hugging the dogs. My God. They are just like humans, no more, no less. (Yes, Master.) I have contacted many animals, I know that for sure, it’s not just on photos.

I told you already, some of the stories about wild animals that I encountered. (Yes, Master.) They are so kind, so kind and so sympathetic, and so good, so good, so intelligent. You can see it; you look more into the animals’ clips that we have every day, (Yes, Master.) and you can see it. Animals are exactly like us, if not better. (Yes, Master.) If people became vegan, then of course, it’s better off, for everybody. And they will be more receptive, like your last question. (Yes, Master.) People are becoming more and more vegan nowadays. (Yes, Master.) The vegan trend has become more exponentially developing. (Yes.) That’s good news, but too slow for me. I want it yesterday. Holiday season…

If they even want to tell you any religious doctrine, in a holiday season, it’s just because they want to drag you in, to make their religion more crowded. If they are not vegan, if they are not enlightened, that’s the sole purpose. Or just from ego, just feeling good that they have converted one more person, and then they can be proud, telling their priest or their family member, “Oh, yes, that guy became Catholic because of me.” Or, “That person became Buddhist because of me.” Just ego stuff.

If they became vegan due to our prayers, that is more effective, (Yes, Master.) because they truly realize the meaning of it, the meaning of being vegan. They truly will develop their love and compassion. Otherwise, it’s useless. (Yes, Master.) Useless, whether holiday or not. (Yes, thank You, Master. Thank You.)

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