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Reclaim Your Power of Love and Compassion, Part 2 of 8, Jan. 8, 2021

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He is a good president. Even to the last minute, when he doesn’t even know if he can continue to be president, he’s still brokering peace, sends people to help him to broker peace in other countries.

It just takes a few people to excite some others and they follow. (Yes, Master.) Even though Mr. President has never asked his supporters to do anything. He always tells them to have peace. Don’t play into their games. Have peace, we must have peace.

He said go home, (Yes, Master.) go home, have peace, don’t play into their hands. And who knows, maybe it’s not President Trump supporters. Maybe it’s the other group who mix in just one or two to cause trouble, (Yes, Master.) just so that President Trump will have no more chance. (Yes.) Even if some of President Trump supporters were there with them, was it because they were incited by these kinds of people? (Yes, Master.) And then they say, “OK, you’re right, that’s it, let’s do it.” And then they all came in together. (Yes.) But just a handful. (Yes.) Not all of President Trump supporters. Because he told them to have peace. Up to now, they have been also protesting. Because there are two sides protesting. A side of the Democrats protesting and so President Trump supporters also did some protests before. But they are the ones who have been beaten up or ambushed. (Yes.) I read it in the news like they protest all day peacefully until evening when most of them have gone home, only some left behind. Some of President Trump’s supporters after the protest, they went in the restaurant to eat, then the other side ambushed them and beat them up. (Yes, Master.) But it’s funny, at that time, I didn’t hear any of the Democrats condemn that. They condemn Mr. Trump’s supporters anytime. (Yes, Master.) This is not fair. I’m telling you, it’s very scary. Politics is so scary. Actually, I’m sorry for Mr. Trump. It’s good that he takes a rest, man, really. It’s good for him. But of course, it’s not too good for America, that’s all. (Yes, Master.)

Did I answer your question? Because I probably have gone too far now. I did answer, full, right? (Yes, Master.) I’m very, very…. I feel it’s so scary, this world. After I read all that and I saw all that.

Everybody is just accusing Mr. Trump and his supporters and they forgot that not long ago, all these years, the past year, 2020, everywhere protesting for any reason at all. And the Democrats, even the top contenders, also never said anything. Never condemned them. Even though people died and were wounded and suffered. They did not condemn. They even raised funds to bail them out of jail. (Yes, Master.) Ms. Kamala. And then praising them as well. If not encouraging, then praising them like a hero or glorifying them. If not, then even the Speaker of the House, Ms. Pelosi? When people asked what is her opinion about all this violence around the country, she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “People do what they do.”

But now, even if it was President Trump supporters who did that, they condemn all over, wanting to remove President Trump even though he didn’t do anything; he didn’t tell them to do anything. In fact, he told the opposite. They accuse him all over. My God! Oh! I’m saying to you, it’s so scary this world, especially the political world.

I feel so ashamed for these people who exercise unfairness. I mean even if you win or you lose, you cannot be unfair. You have to remain a gentleman. (Yes, Master.) To be a bad loser is not worthy of your dignity. (Yes.)

If you are the leaders of the nation and you’re bad losers or just trying to accuse the opposition instead of checking on yourself and your side, this is not worthy of a leader of the nation. (Yes, Master.) And they’re not ashamed. Even I read that, I feel ashamed. How can such people exist in this world? And nobody says anything. Nobody does anything because they are in the position of power.

And they even accuse them, like terrorists and all that and they did not look at their actions and their opinions before in other elections or in the beginning of Mr. Trump’s presidency. They also did many things similar like that. There has been occupation in the Capitol before. President Trump’s supporters are not the first ones. (Yes, Master.) The Democrats also did that. Check it out and tell me. (Yes, Master.)

And then want to do this and that to them and want to remove President Trump immediately and all that stuff. If not, then impeach him again! Impeach him again! Anytime, they just want to impeach him all the time. Why don’t they just impeach themselves. There are many things they do that are more criminal. President Trump didn’t do anything like that; like what they did.

You know, I’m kind of brewing inside because the Americans, just the Americans alone, are dying in thousands daily, more than ever before. And they have the power to change it. But they use all their energy just for petty vengeance on Mr. Trump and petty laws like don’t call the mother “mother,” then what shall we call her? For example. All this wasting of tax payers’ money to vote for these kind of people. If you cannot call a mother “mother,” then what else can we do in this free world, so-called “free country?” So ridiculous, ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! Useless! Wasting money and time and hurting people. Just reminds me of the time of Jesus, when they killed him and pardoned the criminal. My God. It’s 2000- plus here already and we are kind of going backwards or what? We’re supposed to be more civilized by now. (Yes, Master.)

I feel sorry for Mr. Trump. It’s good that he takes a rest also. Never mind, never mind. America’s heavy karma. He did his best already. And we did also our best to help what we can. Because, you see how many people suddenly turned against him or turned against him anyway. You see in times of need, in times of trouble, you will see who are your friends, who are your true friends. (Yes, Master.) In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, “Only the long road will prove the horse’s stamina.” And “If you are awake all night, then you would know how long is the night.” “If you are with somebody a long time, then you would recognize whether or not he is your faithful friend.” (Yes, Master.) Now, all the true colors come out. It’s also good for President Trump to learn some lessons, bad lessons. He’s a very, kind of innocent man. Even though he’s old and seasoned in business, but he’s not very good with humans’ character. Because he’s a good man, he’s a good man.

Even if he wins or loses, I told you before, we still thank him. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I asked you to make the show about him to let people know that he was really a good president. He is a good president. Even to the last minute, when he doesn’t even know if he can continue to be president, he’s still brokering peace, sends people to help him to broker peace in other countries. (Yes, Master.) And then he signed the bill to protect girls from being mutilated, to stop this cruel inhumane practice to little girls. Even in America, already civilized, but some people, they still keep that practice, so he signed that bill now.

And I hope that has an international effect, (Yes, Master.) so soon we don’t molest girls anymore in that way and also don’t circumcise boys anymore, similar way. This is terrible, this is cruel. Imagine it’s you? Imagine it’s done to you? You’re so helpless as a baby, or as a child, you cannot do anything. They just do it to you. Just like that. Don’t care if you suffer and you die. Many die because of that. Oh, if I talk about this, I’m boiling inside. This world is hell. No wonder they cannot have a good president for long. (Yes, Master.) That’s why. That’s why he’s not accepted again. (Yes, Master.)

Anyway, you know that. Ever since he became president, everybody just noses in on him, and him alone even. How can that be? Many hundreds of millions of people nose in on him. Even international citizens also, because he is new. He is not politically trimmed and trained as I told you before. (Yes, Master.)

Maybe President Trump should do like Mr. Biden, like during the public rally he can just push some teenage girl or grab her arm and say, “Don’t play with me, kid.” Or call some decent reporter… “a one-horse pony.” Something like that, etc. Then maybe people will vote for him again. I mean then maybe people will accept him again. Because it worked. It works with Mr. Biden, no? (Yes, Master.) And better still, making secret business with China or Ukraine and all that.

President Trump is new and he has no political experience. But they picked him. Maybe some people sensed that he’s a good man, so promoted him and then he won. And then some did not like it, especially the opposition, because he’s new, he was a nobody in the political field, but he did everything quick. He decided quick, and he has success (Yes, Master.) in everything he did. And he made America better. So, of course the jealousy and the hatred is abundant.

For that you can believe me that he has good protection so far, otherwise he would have been doomed. I told you before, right? (Yes, Master.) You don’t have to believe me. If you just can imagine, then you will understand what I am saying. (Yes, Master.) All this bad energy pounding on him all these years, ever since he became president. Even a little before that. And now, still, until the last minute that he is going out, soon already, they are still accusing him or really degrading him to the lowest bottom already. I really feel detest. I feel some people are so despicable. I don’t know the word to express it.

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