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A Vegan Visionary: The Life of His Excellency Laurent Lamothe (vegan), Part 3 of 3



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To encourage the ongoing trend toward a plant-based food system, His Excellency Mr. Lamothe suggests that the governments provide Much-needed support to animal livestock farmers so that they can make a successful transition to plant-based farming. “You know, Haiti’s a very proud country, very proud people and we, we feel that we contributed a lot to the black world and we showed to, at the time, the white countries, that slave ownership was completely reprehensible and we rebelled against it and we won. So, that's a super idea that you give. I wish I was still in office and maybe taking the lead upon that and maybe trying to push the country towards that. But it's not far from that, because you know in Haiti you eat lots of vegetables. The people, especially the rural area, that's probably all they eat. Generally, there is a good foundation, I would say, for a vegan revolution there.”

His Excellency Laurent Lamothe worked tirelessly on several challenging fronts. From designing and implementing social policies, to alleviating extreme poverty, to securing investments, to relocating the thousands of unsheltered Haitians affected by the 2010 earthquake, to tackling insecurity and rehabilitating schools, public buildings, bridges, and roads, His Excellency set to the task of rebuilding a resilient, prosperous, peaceful Haiti.

The world-renowned spiritual master, Supreme Master Ching Hai, commented on this special quality during a conference with Supreme Master Television team members in September 2020. She said: “Peace is the most precious thing that any president can give to his country and the world.” His Excellency Mr. Lamothe Advocates for “Climate-Smart Zones” in The Caribbean, a project of The Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator which was formed in 2017, to strengthen the region’s readiness and response to disasters. It was a delight to highlight the incredible achievements of Haiti's 16th Prime Minister, His Excellency Laurent Lamothe, a dedicated civil servant who led and served with heart, integrity, and efficiency while in office, and in his daily initiatives as a citizen and a visionary entrepreneur. May the Heavens bless you and your loved ones forever.

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