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Selections from "The Pathway of Life" by Leo Tolstoy (vegetarian): Volume 1 – The Soul, Part 2 of 2



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“Men frequently think that only that exists which they can touch with their hands. However, quite on the contrary, only that truly is that cannot be seen, heard or touched, what we call ‘I,’ our soul. Confucius said: The sky and the earth are great, but they have color, shape and size. But there is something in man that can think of everything and has no color, shape or size. Thus, if the whole world were dead that which is within man could of itself give life to the world.” 
“Each one of us is a specific individual, different from all other people: man, woman, adult, boy or girl; and in each one of these specific individuals dwells a spiritual being, the same in all of us, so that each one of us is at one and the same time an individual, John or Natalie, and a spiritual being which is the same in all.” 
“The principle of life is not in the body, but in the soul. When we say: ‘It was, or it will be, or it may be,’ we speak of bodily life. But besides the bodily life which was and will be, we know of another life, the spiritual life. And the spiritual life is not something that was, or that will be, but something that is right now. This is the real life. Happy is the man who lives this life of the spirit, and not the life of the body. Lord Christ teaches man that there is something within him that raises him above this life with its vanities, fears and passions. The man who has received the doctrine of Lord Christ shares the experience of the bird that has lived in ignorance of his wings, and suddenly realizes that it has them, and that it may soar, be free and fear nothing.”
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