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Good Habits of Cleanliness

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That’s right, when we sneeze or cough, we should always cover our mouth, or sneeze and cough into our sleeve. This will prevent our friends from getting ill. That’s the first tip of cleanliness. You should also make it a habit of washing your hands when you enter your home to prevent spreading germs that you may have come into contact when you were outside. This will also help to protect your family and friends from getting sick. 1) Wet your hands 2) Lather with soap 3) Rub your fingers 4) Rub your knuckles 5) Scrub your fingernails 6) Lather for at least 20 secs 7) Rinse your hands 8) Dry your hands. We have to be careful of each step, so that your hands will be free from germs. But sometimes washing hands is not enough. After a day out and about, going to school, or running around, we can get really dirty and smelly! What should we do? That brings us to tip number three, which is… taking a bath or shower. The fourth thing we should do is brush our teeth in the morning, in the evening, and after each meal. Supreme Master Ching Hai has shared these useful tips on how to brush our teeth properly. “Brush carefully, or teeth will decay. Not like this. This way. And brush your tongue as well. Since we are talking about tooth-brushing, let me tell you one more secret. Don’t use too much toothpaste.” Keeping our environment clean is the next essential step. Our living spaces include our bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and our work areas. When we walk into a clean and tidy room, we feel peaceful and calm, while stepping into a messy room can make us feel agitated, right? We are affected by our environment, and our environment is a reflection of us. Supreme Master Ching Hai explains more. “My work, you see how I take care of the environment. That gives you the idea, okay? That's how you learn to live your life, the way you want. But it's just an example of beauty and cleanliness. Because that represents Godliness within you. That represents Heaven.” Lastly, when there are too many unhealthy viruses, like COVID-19, flying around, we have to do something extraordinary to stop it from spreading, by wearing masks when going outside. Remember friends, the six good habits of cleanliness, 1) cover ourselves when sneezing or coughing, 2) wash our hands with soap, 3) take frequent baths or showers, 4) brush our teeth, 5) keep our environment clean, and 6) wear a mask when necessary. Let’s keep ourselves and our living spaces clean and beautiful. If everyone will do it, we might just turn the whole world into a clean and beautiful place!
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