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The Master’s Radiation – From the Unveiled Mysteries by the Ascended Master Saint Germain (vegetarian), Part 2 of 2

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We will now continue with the reading of the mind-broadening and graciously revealed knowledge by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, as recorded in Guy Warren Ballard’s, or Godfré Ray King’s book “Unveiled Mysteries.” We’ll learn more about projected consciousness and the role of an Ascended Master’s Radiation. “‘Projected Consciousness is but increasing the rate of vibration of the atomic structure in both the mind and body of the student. This is done by the Radiation from an Ascended Master, and is an activity of the “Light” which increases the vibratory rate up to the keynote he sets for the experience. In the higher rate, one uses his faculties of sight and hearing exactly as he does in daily life, except that they are expanded into the next octave or zone above the human.’” “‘Projected Consciousness or Vision has nothing whatsoever to do with mental pictures produced by suggestions that exist only in the minds of other human beings. Such thoughts and pictures are but flashed directly into the mind of another person by the one sending the suggestion. It is the same activity that takes place when one reflects the image of the Sun into a mirror and then deflects it upon the wall.’ ‘Suggestion is as different from Projected Consciousness as thinking about a place is different from being physically present. Projection is vivid, Living, Real - as when your physical body is going through an experience, for it is the action of your Inner God-Self with Whom the Ascended Master is ONE - The Supreme.’” “‘When the Reality of Life is correctly understood, all manifestation that seems miraculous to your present consciousness, is found to be just as natural and normal an experience as the forming of words are to one who has learned the use of the alphabet. It is all but the action of an ever-expanding, ever-progressing manifestation of Life in form, and that comes about at all times through an orderly process of Law in love and peace.’” “‘No matter how strange, unusual, and impossible an experience seems to humanity’s present mental state, it is no proof that there is not a Greater Law and a Wiser Intelligence acting to produce greater wonders of creation and surrounding us all the time.’ ‘The knowledge of the greatest minds of humanity in the outer world today, is to this Great Inner Wisdom and Power, as the understanding of a small child is to the study of calculus.’”
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