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Minister Audrey Tang: Using Technology to Enhance Democracy, Part 3 of 3



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On today’s program, Audrey begins by explaining how creative people can help to protect our planet. “I think there is a lot of room for designers, for artists, for people who are creative to find new and interesting ways to attract people to the idea that you need to take care of the planet and the people, in order to make a profit. So, the people on the planet before the profit, and it only becomes profitable if people find it interesting and attracting.” “But of course, for people to purchase a leather bag, they’re into some textile feelings, some touches of whatever nobility it conveys or whatever, right? So, you need to not only recreate such designer feelings in this new vegan leather, but also to add even more to it, just like people who prefer the Beyond Meat to meat, or the Impossible Burger to burger. One needs to feel like ‘beyond.’” “But people who are not vegan would prefer, for example, the Impossible Burger, not because it is vegan, but because it tastes great, right? And so, we need more creative types; we need more people who are into gastronomy, into design, into art, and so on, to show that this kind of lifestyle is preferable, not only because it’s ethical, but because it's fun.” Ms. Tang believes that a calm, quiet mind is essential for living a creative and productive life. Audrey explains that one of the best methods for calming the mind is meditation. “I practice Taoist meditation.” “So, I think it is very important for people to have a full night’s sleep in order to carefully integrate whatever we have learned in the daytime, so that by the time we wake up, we will be a more holistic person. If we get interrupted all the time during sleep, right before sleep and by alarm clocks, and so on, one would feel fragmented and therefore not that able to empathize or to take all the signs.” At the conclusion of the interview, we asked Audrey if she had some final words for our global audience. “I would then just wish the people watching the television a good time and live long and prosper. Thank you all for your work that you are doing for our environment. Be Veg, Go Green, 2 Save the Planet!”
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