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Global Governments Bring Equity Law to Animal-People, Part 1 of 2

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On today’s program we’ll travel around the globe to learn what governments did to protect or improve the lives of our animal-people co-inhabitants. Let’s begin by visiting the UK. During her 67th annual parliamentary speech in May 2021 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II confirmed that laws will be passed to “ensure the UK has and promotes the highest standards of animal welfare.” Another ground-breaking precedent was recently established in the UK. Humane Being, an animal-people protection organization founded by Jane Tredgett is leading a campaign called Scrap Factory Farming (SFF).

Next let’s travel to Argentina to learn about a historic decision affecting the people of the salmon kingdom. According to renowned market and consumer data provider Statista, approximately 70% of all the salmon-people consumed globally are raised on so-called “farms.” However, in July 2021, Argentina made history. On the nation’s southernmost tip, lawmakers in the state of Tierra del Fuego unanimously approved a bill to ban salmon-people farming in their waters.

Now let’s head over to the European Union to see some of their significant accomplishments during 2021. In June 2021, the European Commission, the governing body of the EU, announced a ban on cages for egg-laying chicken-people, mother pig-people, and baby calves, as well as people from the rabbit, goose, and duck kingdoms. This ban, which will be gradually phased in until 2027, will improve the lives of hundreds of millions of animal-people throughout the EU member countries.

In November 2021 France announced a complete ban on raising mink-people, effective immediately. Under this same law, France also banned the use of wild animal-people in circuses, banned live dolphin-people shows, and increased the maximum penalty for cruelty to companion animal-people to five years imprisonment and a €75,000 (US$82,000) fine.

In December 2021, the Italian Senate approved a permanent ban on all types of fur farming in Italy, including raising people from the mink, fox, and chinchilla kingdoms.

In 2021, Estonia also announced a ban on all fur farms in the nation, effective in 2026.

In December 2021 a new law was passed in Spain stating that animal-people companions are no longer considered “property” but rather sentient beings and family members. The law calls for their proper care and prohibits abandonment or abuse.

Turkey introduced a similar bill in 2021. Under the country’s new law, any caretaker who abandons an animal-person companion is subject to a fine, and anyone who abuses an animal-person companion could face a prison sentence.
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