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Whatever is Inside of Us Is Manifested Outside, Part 4 of 4, Nov. 12, 2020



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So we cannot always hide. Whatever is inside of us is manifested outside, on our head or around the whole body. Some people can see our aura, can read our aura, they will know what we are inside. So we have to make sure that we are pure inside. Our intention must be noble. Our purpose must be benevolent.

I don’t know why I tell you these kind of things… ah, because of the aura, yeah? (Yes, Master.) All right. (What kind of aura do You have, Master?) When I stayed in one of the hotels in Monaco, one of the bellboys, he saw my aura, (Yes.) whenever he saw me, always like, bow his head. Not the bellboys, they didn’t do that, only him. OK. (Yes.) And very respectfully talked to me. He even knelt right in front of the big hotel door, right in the middle of the in-and-out entrance. And it was really embarrassing for me, so I told him, “Get up, get up. What is? Please, get up. Now!” Then he did get up. That was a very tall man, and strong. They call them bellboys, but they are not boys anymore. They are seasoned hotel staff. And some of them have even a little pin. Like an award of recognition from Prince Albert II of Monaco. If they work very long, faithfully, in one place, in one job, over many years or one or two decades and they’re good and faithful, and diligent, then they have one of the pins that the Prince will give to them. So I asked him one day: “You don’t have to bow your head to me. Why? Are you Chinese, Japanese or Thai, what? Or you have a Thai, or Asian wife at home that teaches you to bow your head?” He said: “No, no, no. I bow to you because you are holy.” I said: “I just am vegan. How do you know I’m holy?” He says: “I saw your aura.”

Now you can have many color auras, but not any psychic or people who has this kind of psychic power can see all your colors, you understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, they can see maybe one or two. So this man, the bellboy, I stayed in Fairmont hotel at that time. I had no house. OK? (Yes.) I had to stay there because the Internet is fast, and all the cheap hotels at that time, season or something, all booked. OK? (Yes.) But I stay in a cheap room, cheapest possible. But that hotel is reasonable compared to other four stars around. (Yes, Master.) More expensive in the other hotels. Because this hotel is more hidden away. (Yes.) Not in front of casino, not in in front of what they call Golden Square. Truly it's golden there. You pay by gold. You can see parked, all the fancy cars there. (Oh, yes.) In front of the casino or in front of the palace; Hôtel de Paris or Café de Paris, the restaurant in front of that square there. These are famous. And all the first class cars parking there. (Oh, I see, yes.) You don’t see ordinary cars there. Very expensive cars, and fancy cars, and good cars. (Yes, Master). Yeah. Because they’re all very famous and rich people who live in Monaco. I told you one time, a little bit already. (Yes, Master.) It’s a pleasant place to stay. And it’s supposed to be safe, because at that time, I was also trying to be in hiding. (Yes, Master.) I was not in a safe condition. Something I cannot tell you, I mean, I cannot prove. I only knew sometimes I had to leave, go somewhere, OK. (Understand, Master.) I change my place all the time, for safety reasons. Even if I stay in one hotel, I keep changing rooms. (Wow.)

And then I said, “OK, OK, tell me what aura did you see?” He said, “Bright white.” (Oh.) I said, “I’m sure other people would have it. Don’t they?” He said, “Oh, very rare. Maybe I see it once in some thousands.” That’s what he told me. (Yes, wow.) I said, “Oh well. Well, at least one in some thousands would have it.” He said, “No, but it’s not the same, like this.” I said. “OK, OK, did you tell all the newspapers in town? Please don’t.” He said, “No, no, no, just a secret between us.” Even just a bell boy.

And when I had to go to the police to register or something, one police also saw that. Saw other color. (Wow.) And when I was learning to fly with my helicopter instructor, (Yes.) he also saw my aura. Bright colors. (Wow, so many people can see.) And no wonder he was kind of nervous around me. And that guy was so respectful. And the police were so polite. They whispered something with each other behind my back. No, no, actually the Monaco police are very nice. Very, very nice. Very polite. Tall and handsome as well. They probably select all the Mr. Universes in Europe to come, to make them become policemen and pay them well so that they stay. They’re very polite, very, very nice, yes.

In Hungary, another person, one of my acquaintances, he saw that I have pink light. Pink is the color of love. Saw pink light surrounding me. Actually, there are many colors, just… as I told you, some persons don’t see the whole picture of the auras. They can see only one part of it. So one man sees white, and the other one sees blue. And another one sees pink. Actually, I have all that and more. And some other people can see more.

So we cannot always hide. Whatever is inside of us is manifested outside, on our head or around the whole body. Some people can see our aura, can read our aura, they will know what we are inside. (Yes, Master.) And if the aura is dark or coffee color or murky color in anyway, then people know inside is dark. Besides, some people have angels flying around them, with them at all times. Some people have just devils flying around with them at all times, making them do bad things, because they are good instruments for Satan, for the devils, to work with. That is the problem.

So we have to make sure that we are pure inside. Our intention must be noble. Our purpose must be benevolent. And our love for others must be unconditional, then our aura will be clear, shining, you know like the light, but more beautiful than normal light. (Yes. Understand, Master.) And then, even if you don’t say anything, people know who you are and what you are inside, your purity, your intention, your love, your purpose. Your nobility, your dignity. Everything good about you is manifested outside, around your body with intense radiance. So you cannot really hide. In some other planets, I told you many times already, that people, all their auras are very visible, so when people see you dark or murky color, they know. Nobody can hide from nobody. Just on this planet, people still can hide from each other, not many people can see the other person’s inside because they cannot see the persons aura outside. (Yes, Master.) OK, OK. I think I told you everything, right? Concerning your question. (I think so, yes, Master. Thank You.) That’s why many of your brothers and sisters go “gah gah” over me. Now you know why, right? (Yes.) Because they saw, OK? (Yes, Master.) Some say it, some don’t. (Yes.). Some just say it to me quietly. Some say it in the microphone. Some say it to other people.

That’s why I said we are very transparent in the world. So whatever we think, we do, we talk. We must be careful. Not only Heavens and Earth see us, and Hell also sees us. That’s why they come and get you if you’re bad. (Yes, Master.) When you die, the Angel of Death, they’re called angels but they’re not angels. (Yes, Master.) The devils come and get you. Because you deserve that. They know it. OK? (Yes.) They have all your names, and your actions, and everything recorded. So they will get you accordingly and they will punish you, just lightly, or heavily or eons to come, because they know everything. OK? Heaven and hells and Earth see us like you see the palm in front of you. Your palm, your hand. (Yes. Wow.)

But because most humans don’t remember this ability anymore. Some still do, you know and we call them psychics. (Yes, Master.) Some have this ability, or some mutant people. (Yes). They also have many kinds of psychic power. Not necessarily this kind of aura-seeing or mind-reading. They have other powers. (Yes, Master.) Like, they can make fire from nothing. They can bend iron, they can bend spoons, like you bend spaghetti. (Yeah.) I mean cooked spaghetti. Or they can fly, (Wow.) short distance or long distance. Or they can hide themselves, become invisible. Things like that. Not a lot nowadays anymore. But maybe new ones are coming. OK? (Yes, Master.) Because the world maybe has better energy for them to come. Otherwise they would be also drowned and their ability will also be deleted from them, just like most of humans. Yeah. (Yes, Master.)

Most animals still have good ability like this. They talk to each other between different species. Like dogs can talk to birds or lions can talk to wolves. For example like that. (Yes, Master.) Or tiger can talk to fish. Cat can talk to mouse, stuff like that. (Wow.) That’s why the cat, they don’t eat the mouse immediately the moment they catch him. (Wow.) They play with them for a while, and talk to them about things. About fate, about destiny, about time to go. Play with him until he relaxes, and then they eat, because they also don’t want to eat an animal when they are frightened, (Yes, Master.) because the energy will be bad for them also. Before they eat, they talk to each other. They ask permission. (I see, Master. Yes.) Or they tell each other, “The past life, you ate me, now I have to eat you.” Things like that. (Oh). But we humans, we eat anything. Permission or not. (Yes, Master.) Past life, do anything to me or not, just eat. Just like that. You see what I’m saying? (Yeah, we don’t think about it.) That’s why we have bad karma. That’s why we have war, and we have disasters, and we have pandemic, epidemic, all kinds of misfortune, unfavorable situations, weather, sickness. And all kinds of painful experiences. (Yes.)

All right, I think you had enough. You see what your question brings, huh? (Yes, Master.) So you’re satisfied, and you don’t have anything to ask about this question anymore? (No, Master. Thank You very much.) Then it’s OK. (Thanks for all You’re doing for the world. I really hope we wake up soon.) Yeah, maybe. We keep praying. OK. (Yes, Master.) And I keep stamping my feet every night. I’m threatening Heavens and Earth. And they know I’m serious. (Yes, Master.) So it’s altogether, piecing together, it might help. (Yes, Master. Thank You). All right, my love. And I wish you well again. (Thank, You Master.) Actually, I just called to ask you if you’re all right because you were not well the other day. (Yes, thank You Master).

Just keep your ears warm. (Yes, Master.) And wear warm clothes, even though you feel like it’s cool, but it could be windy. (Yes, Master.) And when your pores open because it’s hot, it might go in, the wind goes into your pores. (Yes, Master, thanks.) And then it makes you cold from inside. And that’s why you have headache sometimes. OK. (Yes, Master, thank You). All right, cover it well. Especially you always tuck your hair together in a, how you say, ponytail? (Yes.) So all the neck behind you, and behind the ear, and the ears are all exposed. You see that? (Yes.) It’s comfortable but it could invite a little trouble with the wind. OK. (Understand, yes, Master.) All right. The wind is not always benevolent. OK. (Yes.) The wind is, the wind is. It’s just sometimes other invisible beings they go with the wind. You see? (Oh!) They’re in the wind, in the air. And then they’re going around, they fly with the wind also. Or some virus comes, blow in from somewhere (Yes, Master.) that causes you trouble. (Yes, thank You, Master). All right. That’s why the Chinese, they emphasize “Feng Shui” meaning wind and water. (I see.) You cannot have too much of them but you cannot don’t have them. (Yes, understand.) So they have to calculate where you stay and what you do, to keep these two elements in balance with other things around them. OK. (I see, yes.) Yeah. So that your body doesn’t feel irritated and out of the comfort level. (Understand, Master, yes). And then you won’t get sick. That’s it. (Thank You, Master.)

All right, my love. Ciao (bye) now and take good care, OK. (Thank You, Master, You too. Heavens protect You, please!) I will call you maybe now and then to see if you’re all right. If not we have to do something more. OK. (OK, Master.) More than just rest. If you rest, and you feel better, that means maybe that you work too hard. And just stop it. And ask others to help you. OK. (Yes, Master.) When you’re healthy, you can work overtime, but when you’re not well, then no. (Yes, Master). Ask somebody else who is healthy, so they can take a little bit more (of the) burden. OK. (Yes, Master.) Because they’re healthy. (Yes.) All right. Like if a healthy person sleeps one hour less, it doesn’t make too much difference to him. OK. (Yes.) But the person who is sensitive, or (has) a little bit less resistance to the environment or to whatever, weather, (Yes.) then he cannot do that. OK? (Understand, Master, yes.) OK, My love, ciao (bye). God bless you. (Thank You, Master. Take care.) God protect you. (You too, Master.) And thank you for all you do (Thank You.) through Supreme Master Television. OK. Ciao (bye) baby. (Ciao (bye), thank You, Master). Take care.

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