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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever is Inside of Us Is Manifested Outside, Part 3 of 4, Nov. 12, 2020

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Some people have special abilities. OK? (Yes, Master.) Some people can see past and future, long distance, short distance. Like many years, or many ten years, or many hundred years back, or many hundred years in the future. Some people can read your mind. Some people can hear your speech even far away.

So, now you know. That’s why I told you, if I tell you that President Trump is a good person, you should believe me. (Yes, Master. I do.) And if you ask Mr. Jon Voight, then he would tell you the same. (Yes.) Because he has seen it. You see what I mean? (Yes, Master. It was really a surprise that Jon Voight talked like that. Usually Americans don’t talk like that.) Maybe he’s not American. Is he American? (Yes. As far as I know.) He’s an actor, so maybe he’s American, or he’s in Hollywood, right? (Yes.) OK. What to do? Some people have special abilities. OK? (Yes, Master.) Some people can see past and future, long distance, short distance. Like many years, or many ten years, or many hundred years back, or many hundred years in the future. (Wow. Yes.) Many like Nostradamus. Yeah? (Yes.) Or all of them you air on Ancient Predictions. (Yes, Master.) Some people can do that. Some people can read your mind. Some people can hear your speech even far away. (Yes.) People have different abilities.

(Master, but if President Trump is a good person, why isn’t it clear that he won the election and it is such a mess right now?) I ask the same question as you do. Karma. OK? The Heavens told me that he won long before today. (Oh, Wow.) But of course I did not want to tell you, normally I didn’t want to. I only pray for his luck. OK? (Yes, Master.) Because, even if the campaign claimed there is some fraud, it’s very difficult to prove now. OK? (Yes.) Also it could be anything. It could be manmade it could be also machines’ fault. OK? (Yes. Understand.) The machine’s just like my computer, sometimes it makes me trouble because I’m not professional of computer. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) It could be that somebody unprofessional kind of messed up with the machine. OK? (Oh, I see. Yes.) And then afterward, it’s done already, he fixed it back, but then all the vote’s already kind of mélangé, I mean mixed up. (Yes, Master.) OK. So I was also thinking, “Why?” You know, Heaven told me like that and then it’s like this. Yeah? (Oh.)

But it’s just karma. You know? (Yes, Master.) And what to do? (Yes. I’m really worried about my country and I know Master doesn’t want to tell about Mr. Biden but could Master tell us more about President Trump please?) Not because I don’t want to tell but mostly I don’t want to tell things about other people when it’s not positive. You understand that? (Yes, understand, Master.) It’s not fair for that person. OK? (Yes, Master.) Everyone has a chance, even if he’s bad. Things change, people change also. OK (Yes, yeah.) Every minute, sometimes people just turn around and change into a good person in no time. Yeah? (Yes.)

See, some people are just born good. Or have a good heart or it’s already in his chart, destiny chart. Some people are born like that and some people are not. OK? Some people are also born good and then they become bad because of bad influence. (Yes.) Therefore, I never, would not like to say things so definite about anybody. OK? (Yeah. I understand, Master.) Because people always have a chance. Just one moment. I come back. Don’t turn off. (OK, Master.) The fan was too noisy so I turned it off already. Get headache, (Oh.) just a little. Don’t worry, I’ll fix it. Don’t worry. And you see, so it’s not like I want to hide anything from you or not satisfying your answer. OK, huh? (Yes, Master.)

What else you want to know about Mr. Trump? Ah yah, there are other things about him, but I cannot tell you. I told you I will whisper into your ear when we have time for a cup of tea, OK? (Is there anything more You can tell us about President Trump cause You mentioned he’s a good person and then he has five angels around him.) Yeah. (Is there anything more?) Oh anyone who has psychic eyes or ability could see that, it’s easy. (Yes, Master.) Anybody who has a psychic eye can also see people’s aura and whether or not that person is surrounded or accompanied by angels or by devils. (Oh.) That’s the thing. You know? (Yes.)

And if a person has been doing good by evidence, you saw that OK? (Yes, Master.) When was it that he stopped the operation of revenge to Iran because he wants to save 150 more or less victims of war if the operation goes forth then people will die? And when did he stop it? When was that? (That was in 2019?) 2019. OK, OK, (Yes.) All right so that probably was a very spontaneous decision because it’s not influenced by vote. (Yes and it’s like he stopped it I think it was like 10 minutes before they were about to begin.) Oh, my goodness. (Yes.) Oh. Thank God for that. (Yes.) Thank God for that. Yes. Killing is never right. I always say that. No matter what. (Yes, Master.) We can always try to find a way to save lives. (Yes.) I don’t know what else I want to tell you. So for what he’s done, you can tell that he’s a good person and he’s always for peace, that’s good for the world as well. Not just your country. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) Because if your country engages in war, then your people also die (Yes.) or hurt in some way. You see what I mean? (Yes, Master.) There’s never a war, a combat without somebody having to die or lose arms or legs and all miserable and became disabled and all that misery. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) Not just for the soldiers but for the family, his children, and his wife, his parents or his friends. Oh, it involves a lot of people. Yeah? (Yes.) And the karma will continue. (Oh.) But if you stop then the karma will stop, will be no more recycling kind of retribution. OK? (Yes, Master.) So for that you can see that he’s a good person. (Yes, Master.) Not just President. If you are a president and you use that power for good like that, then you are a good person. You are not blinded by glory and games (Yes, Master.) in power or in monetary issue. (Yes, Master.) It’s very difficult to be in power and still have sympathy for others. OK? (Yes.) So he must be good no matter if you believe me or not, the evidence is clear. OK? (Yes, yes. True.)

And now, sometimes you wonder how, why a good person is not always having a smooth life. It’s like that. This world is not developed spiritually to get such a high consciousness that everything will be well and good. (Understand.) Yeah and it’s much better nowadays already than when Jesus’ time or Buddha’s time. (Yes.) Yeah. Or other Prophets’ time. Yeah, yeah. (Yes, Master.) OK. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. Yeah.

(Master, I read about that regarding this election because it’s been disputed maybe President Trump doesn’t have to concede.) Oh? (Yeah because if there’s a problem with the election, then it can go to the Supreme Court or also the House of Representatives in the Congress, they would vote for the President.) Oh. OK. (Yeah and each State would get one vote. Since there are more Republican states now, I think, so President Trump could win.) OK. OK. (So there’s still a chance for him. He doesn’t have to concede.) Oh. Yeah. Maybe like that. Maybe that’s why Heaven told me that he won. He won, you know, before the election count. Yeah? (Wow.) They told me that he won, before the humans know the count, Heavens told me he won. (Oh.) So I was kind of “OK, it’s good, very good, very fair, very just.” (Yes.) So I didn’t worry about anything. I sleep well, eat good. That’s the normal thing to do. Yeah? (Yes, Master.)

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Hurrah me! Hurrah me! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!


Written and directed by Supreme Master Ching Hai Illustration by Anon. Association members Both Vegan, all vegan!

(Actually, it won 3 awards, in three categories: Non-essential, Nonsense & Non-humor comedy. Unanimously voted by SMCH Herself!!!)

Then the news wasn’t very favorable. It could happen that things may turn around. (Yes, I’m hopeful.) A good president deserves recognition and deserves more chances for him to do good for the world. (Yes, Master.) Of course you worry about your country. Many people worry. (Yes, Master.) Many tens of millions that vote for each candidate would worry. (Yes.) At least I don’t vote for anybody. I don’t worry too much. Just by the way we discuss these things, but whatever comes out, that is according to Heavens and the karma of people. Alright? (Yes, Master.) We can pray of course. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) OK. Good.

Many psychic people in America, they have seen it also. (Yes.) Some politicians, they use psychics to help them to deal with situations or make some decision or knowing how to win and all that. Or who will win. So they choose this person or that person and not the other persons. (Yes, Master.) Like in a party or something. Not just Washington DC, but many countries do that. (Yes.) Because they cannot tell themselves, so they rely on psychics, the good ones, to tell them about their future and stuff like that. Yes. And many psychics can really tell. (Yes.) Not charlatans though, some are really good.

I have met a couple before by chance. Like one time I was in… Where is the Coconut Grove? Is that America, right? Oh yeah, Miami! (Yeah, I think so.) It’s just somewhere nearby. Yeah? You can drive half an hour or something. Coconut Grove. Very famous though, (Yes, I’ve heard.) you heard that right, in Florida. And then I pass by because sometimes I went there. (Yes, Master) For what, I don’t remember. Maybe go to just look, or eat something or went to the movies. Because sometimes some disciples took me there. They came and they introduced me. Sightseeing. So I went with them and then two of the psychics caught me. And said, “Oh come on, let me have a look at You.” I say, “Oh, no, ma’am, I don’t really need it.” But then the friend wanted it. (Yes.) The friend disciple wants to test me out or something. “Let’s go, let’s go, have a look.” (Yes.) I said, “Don’t call me Master around here. Just, just sister. OK? Or any name.” But that psychic person knows. She didn’t say much and then we just paid her and walked away.

And then, next day, or the next time, I met another one. Just passed by and then she also said the same thing. “Oh, You are… my God! You are… let’s have a look at You?” So, I said, “Oh. not really, I have nothing to look at.” And she said, “No, no, it’s OK. You don’t have to pay. Just come here.” And then I came. And then another psychic passed by and she told me, the one that’s looking at my hand and laying down the tarot cards for me, she whispered to me, she said, “She wants come nearby You to steal, to benefit from your energy.” But I didn’t say anything. I was still young. (Yes, Master.) I wasn’t really deep into these kinds of things. So I heard, but I didn’t pay attention much. (Yes.) But later, she kept telling me what I did, what I do, who I am. Oh, my God. I was kind of very, very surprised, shocked. And she even said: “Oh, You come to my office.” I said: “What for?” She said: “People like You, I want to invite to my office. I can help You more. I can tell You more, and You bless my office.” I said: “Oh, I’m not sure, I cannot promise. OK? Right now, we want to go to catch a movie. Maybe we’ll see you next time.” She told me that I wrote books, I am very famous and so many angels around. I couldn’t say anything, I said: “Oh, thank you, thank you for your compliment.” She said: “No, no compliment, no compliment.” And then I said: “OK, we have to go.” I wasn’t into these kinds of things too much. (Yes, Master.) And I didn’t write any book at that time actually. It was still in the beginning of my life, (Oh, I see, yes.) of my mission. I said: “I did not write any book.” She said: “Maybe You didn’t write it Yourself, but somebody else will write it for You, or somebody wrote it for You already or You, maybe You. Even not, then You will write some books. You will have some books, You will author some books. And You will be very famous” and this and that and others. Many things, yeah? (Yes.) As if she knew me inside out. So I need my colleague, friend, I said: “Let’s go, we are late.” We paid and then we left.

Next time, I bumped into her again! She just walked around and I was outside, looking at some parrot doing tricks, and giving some money, (Yes.) just to help out, some excuse, you know? And then she came to me and said: “Oh yeah! I remember You, oh, please let’s go, let’s go talk a little bit.” And she’s so eager and so sincere, so I didn’t know how to refuse. At that time I was alone. Nobody, yeah? (Yes.) No excuse. I didn’t want to tell lies either. I didn’t have a film to catch, nothing... I didn’t know why I went, I can’t remember how I got there, maybe some good pizza. Margherita, vegan? And then she said: “I invite You for a drink.” I said: “No, no, in that case I invite you. Let’s go.” She’s so generous and kind. (Yes.) And she looked very kind, not like a black witch or something. (Yes). The other one, the first one I met, is more witchy. (Yes). And the way she talks, she wants to call my friend aside and tell her quietly something and don’t let me know. But I didn’t ask, I couldn’t care less. I was young and my mind is not in anything like that. I wasn’t complicated because I didn’t have a lot of disciples. (Yes, Master.) My mind was still very empty, my brain. (Yes.) No complication, no bitterness, no doubting, no suspicion, nothing, all right.

So, we went to a restaurant and then she took a drink, and I wanted to pay her, but she did not let me. She said: “OK.” And she said: “I will do something for You. OK? I cannot do it in the office because you didn’t come to my office, so I’ll do it here.” I said: “What you’re going to do, you don’t have anything in your hands, what are you doing? A secret mantra?” She said: “Don’t worry, I’m not doing anything bad to You. Don’t worry, I swear to God.” And then so I trusted God. I don’t trust her that much but I trusted God. (Yes). I said: “The other psychic I saw a few days ago said the same thing.” She said: “No, that was my mother. And me and my mother don’t go in the same way. I am more…” She meant, she’s better. (Yes.) She’s more clean, she’s more white. “.. and my mother is different.” I said: “Oh, I see.” All right.

And then she asked the waiter to bring her a bottle of water, clean, a bottle not opened, (Yes.) brand new. And then, she told me to hold it and shake it, shake it, shake it. We went into the bathroom and do that because she didn’t want to do that in the restaurant in front of some people. (Yes, Master.) So we went to the woman’s restroom, and she told me to shake it, and I shook it and she shook it also and then afterwards she asked me to open it myself. The cover is still very tight. (Yes.) I have to use some effort to open, just like when you open a bottle of water when it’s still sealed. I opened it, and inside it’s all black. (Oh.) The water was clear a minute ago, before we shook. (Yes.) And I didn’t see her bring anything in her hand and she didn’t know that she will meet me, we didn’t have an appointment or anything. It’s just accidently. So I didn’t see anything in her hand and she shook it in front of me. You see what I’m saying? (Yes.) And I held the bottle all the time, and she told me to open it. And I opened it, it’s all black. I said: “What is all that?” She said: “I’m doing this to extend Your life 12 more years.” (Oh. Wow!) I said: “Why are you so good to me, why you do that?” She said: “Because You will be good for the world.” (Oh.) Oh my God! I could not believe anything much, but I believe that the water turned black, probably karma, (Yes.) of the disciples come out.

And then she left. She didn’t want to take money or anything. (Wow.) She even paid the tip for the waiter, five dollars, I remember very well. Because I was thinking she just drank a glass of water and I also, or juice, something like that that she paid already. But for her to pay five dollars tip, that’s very generous, I was thinking like that. (Yes.) That’s why I remember. (Yes, Master.) Not many people give five dollars, I know that. I saw it in restaurants, maybe they give one dollar or nothing. Sometimes 50 cents even. (Yes.) Sometimes they just take it all, the change, they didn’t give the waiter anything. I’m not blaming them, I don’t mean they’re bad, maybe they don’t have enough to spare. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Not everybody can give five dollars, ten dollars in the restaurant, (No.) for a tip, no. What I mean is, for that, I think she’s very generous. That’s why I remember, and then she just left. (Wow.) Bless her, bless her. (It’s amazing.) If she dies, I would help her to go to Heaven for sure, at least Fourth Level, liberated. (Wow.) Many people who helped me went there.

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