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Dr. Anita Krajnc (vegan) and the Animal Save Movement, Part 3 of 3



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"Leo Tolstoy said, 'When we wish to harm others, we really do evil to ourselves.' And I think, the way we have harmed animals, it’s now clear that that is going to lead to the destruction of the planet through climate chaos." The Amazon rainforest, considered the "lungs of the Earth," is being razed at a frighteningly rapid pace for animal livestock raising. "We have to end animal agriculture, and then we have to reforest the Earth and tackle the idea of private property and selfishness and say, 'The forests are something that are for the survival of the whole planet.'" The animal livestock industry needs to end as soon as possible. Dr. Krajnc sees the immediate need for initiatives to help industry farmers adopt vegetable farming or enter other professions that are beneficial to our planet’s environment. "I think it’s important for governments to promote a just transition in our society so that we can close down animal agriculture facilities and create plant-based ones. The most powerful actor in our current world, in human affairs, is our governments at this point. And I think they have a responsibility to end animal agriculture subsidies and to put money towards a just transition. One way to get there is for grassroots groups to start showing examples of that, to give them something to look at." Anita also has a very clear idea of how to help people embrace veganism. "I think the most powerful way to switch to a vegan diet is to help people become activists. Once your friends and family become activists, they will then promote others to become vegan and activists. So I think we have to follow in the footsteps of (Mahatma) Gandhi and Martin Luther King. What they did in their struggles for equality was they built a mass-based grassroots movement. It’s no different for animal rights." Our appreciation goes to Dr. Anita Krajnc and the vigil teams across the globe for raising the public’s awareness of the tremendous suffering of animals raised for food and that the cruelty-free lifestyle is humanity’s future. May your loving and compassionate actions quickly change people’s hearts and further speed us toward a peaceful vegan world.
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