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The Heartfelt Work of Stéphanie Besson and Tous Migrants (We Are All Migrants), Part 1 of 2

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Founded in 2015, We Are All Migrants is a peaceful citizen movement that welcomes refugees. Its members not only conduct search and rescue missions for these vulnerable people still in the wilderness but continue to help by organizing shelter and medical aid for those that need it. The association also defends refugee and asylum seeker rights through advocacy and legal action and shares information about the plight of the refugees through various means. It received a special mention from the French Human Rights Prize in December 2019. Remarkably, the people of Briançon took it upon themselves to become a “host city” to provide help to those who arrive in need of loving assistance. The lengths that the community has gone to are truly a testament to the residents’ kindness and humanity. Ms. Besson has documented the story of the loving aid rendered and introduced some of the refugees who have come to the city in her book “To Find a Refuge: Stories from Across Borders.” “In fact, from the beginning, we didn't let anyone sleep in the street. It's normal not to leave anybody. And when one person is outside, we know what to do about it. We know where to bring that person, to a home.”

This is a sentiment that has long been espoused by Supreme Master Ching Hai, who has advocated on behalf of many refugees and asked countries to warmly welcome them so that they may start a new life for themselves. “Any smart country would take in migrants, and give them citizenship and all that, so their children can also have a good education and then contribute to the country.” “All they want is just a job, just to earn money to take care of themselves, take care of their families, their children, their elderly parents. That’s all they want. Nobody really comes to any country with intentions to beg or to eat up from your reserve or your system. We all have this dignity, self-respect inside our hearts. And even people who come from the war, maybe they lost everything, but that’s even more so we have to take care of them.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present Tous Migrants the Shining World Compassion Award, with a contribution of US$15,000 to humbly support its benevolent, lives-saving work, with much love, gratitude and respect. May all involved be immensely blessed, in God’s grace and mercy.”

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